How to Run a Trading Bot on Binance

How to Run a Trading Bot on Binance

Unleash automated crypto trading bots on Binance to earn hands-free profits 24/7, with this step-by-step guide to safely connecting bots like Bitsgap while keeping your funds secure.

Searching for an excellent platform to deploy your Bitsgap trading bot? Binance could be the ideal choice.

Known for its impressive trade volume and top-tier security, Binance is a playground for automated trading enthusiasts.

Imagine the thrill of running your trading bot on Binance and reaping the rewards. How do you bring this to life? We’re here to help!

In this guide, we'll journey through the features of the exchange, unravel the mystery of API keys, and guide you on using your Binance API keys safely with third-party solutions. Let's dive in!

What Is Binance?

Established in 2017 by software developer Changpeng Zhao, Binance began as a decentralized exchange in China. It's now the world's largest centralized crypto exchange by trading volume. Boasting low fees and a vast array of cryptocurrencies, it has a strong international presence, though its U.S. offerings are somewhat restricted.

Binance's website, desktop, and mobile interfaces offer a broad spectrum of trading capabilities, featuring an array of market charts, instruments, indicators, and hundreds of cryptocurrencies. Users can also access portfolio and trade history, order book, and several order types.

Binance also provides diverse trading options, including futures and options. However, some features, like margin trading, are not available in the U.S.

Beyond trading, Binance also provides a comprehensive learning platform and an NFT platform, though the latter is not yet available to U.S. customers.

Binance currently supports over 350 cryptocurrencies, with about 150 available for U.S. trade. It supports various fiat currencies for international users, with the range of crypto pairs varying by location.

Binance stands out in the industry with its remarkably low fees. Although U.S. users on may find slightly higher fees, they're still more competitive than most leading platforms. Binance operates on a maker/taker fee structure, with fees adjusted based on trading volume and Binance Coin (BNB) balance. Typically, higher volume trades benefit from lower fees.

Additional fee discounts are available for engaging in trades using Binance (BNB) coins, earning referral bonuses, and achieving Very Important Person (VIP) status by trading a certain volume of assets.

Please note: Binance currently faces regulatory challenges in multiple countries, including a U.S. investigation into allegations of money laundering and tax violations. Moreover, the platform has been banned in several countries. In response to disputes, Binance asserts that user assets on Binance and its platforms remain secure and that they will vigorously contest the SEC's allegations. We will continue to monitor the situation for further developments.

Does Binance Allow Crypto Trading Bots?

Binance is not just a trading platform; it's a haven for auto trading enthusiasts. They make it easy to connect your account to bot software by providing customizable API keys. You can finely tune the permissions so your bots can trade securely.

Binance also utilizes robust security to guard against any unauthorized API access. So you can feel confident deploying bots to automate your Binance trading.

Their support for bots is extremely developer-friendly. Binance wants you to leverage bots to maximize your trading potential!

With the right bot strategy, their wide array of assets and low fees provide an ideal environment to implement automated and algorithmic trading.

Is It Safe to Share Your Binance API Keys with a Trading Bot?

If you take the proper precautions, then yes, it is safe to share your Binance API keys. However, you should always make sure that the “withdrawal” option on the API key is unchecked.

Note that read and trading must be enabled or your bot will not work, as it does not have the appropriate permissions to trade for you.

What Is Bitsgap’s Bot?

Bitsgap is a multifaceted trading platform that lets you manage multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, from a single interface, complete with a host of tools that aren't available on most exchanges.

Let's take a quick sneak peek at Bitsgap's highly touted crypto trading bots, all of which are available for instant connection to the Binance exchange:

  • The GRID Trading Bot harnesses the strategic prowess of GRID trading, a popular tactic in both forex and crypto trading arenas. This bot creates a grid brimming with limit buy and sell orders within specific price boundaries, capitalizing on both upward and downward market movements. It's a powerhouse in swing markets.
  • The DCA Trading Bot capitalizes on the Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) strategy, spreading your investment across regular transactions, thereby securing a more favorable average price for your position and cushioning the blow from market volatility. If you wish to boost your trading with indicator signals and robust risk management tools, this is your bot.
  • The BTD Trading Bot follows the Buy the Dip trading strategy, accumulating a coin portfolio as the price drops. It shines in a downtrend market, offering opportunities to snap up coins at bargain prices.
  • The COMBO Trading Bot combines the strengths of both DCA and GRID trading strategies to extract profits from the futures market. Its novel design and leverage utilization allow the COMBO bot to rack up profits 1,000% faster.
  • The DCA Futures Trading Bot zeroes in on the strategy of making small, consistent coin purchases or sales, keeping your position stable amidst market volatility. Unlike its spot market sibling, the DCA Futures bot is engineered for quick, sizable returns in the fast-paced futures market. It operates in cycles, opening a position and then averaging or closing it with a single order, bypassing the complex process of resetting and averaging orders, a feature of the COMBO bot.

What's more, these bots have shown impressive performance in the crypto market, attracting a substantial user base, with 3.7 million bots activated and total trading volumes exceeding $300 billion in 2022 alone.

Now, let’s see how you can link your Binance account to Bitsgap to start profiting from the bots above.

How to Generate Binance API Keys & Connect Bitsgap’s Bot to Binance?

There are two ways to create Binance API keys: the Binance Fast API method and manual creation.

The Binance Fast API uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol for user authentication, swiftly authorizing account permissions, API key creation, and automatic connection to Bitsgap. It’s a secure system where all API keys are encrypted before being transferred to Bitsgap. The steps to set this up are as follows:

Optional: Open a Binance Futures account if you want to trade futures via Bitsgap.

  • Navigate to the [My Exchanges] page on Bitsgap, and click the [Add new exchange] button.
  • Select [Binance] from the dropdown and choose [Fast Connect] (Pic. 1).
Pic. 1. Choose Fast Connect for faster and smoother connection.
Pic. 1. Choose Fast Connect for faster and smoother connection.
  • You'll be redirected to Binance to log in to your account. Note: Fast API key creation does not give Bitsgap access to your account or personal data.
  • After successful authorization, you'll be redirected back to Bitsgap, where the API key will be automatically created and added.
  • If you did everything correctly, Binance will appear on your list of connected exchanges, indicating a successful connection (Pic. 5).

Alternatively, you can manually connect your Binance API keys with the following steps:

  • Log in to your Binance account.
  • Navigate to the [API Management] page (Pic. 2) from your account settings.
Pic. 2. Select [API Management] on Binance.
Pic. 2. Select [API Management] on Binance.
  • Click on [Create API] to create a new API key for Bitsgap.
  • Choose the [System Generated] API key and proceed.
  • Give your API key a unique name for easy identification.
  • Go back to the [My Exchanges] page on Bitsgap, and click the [Add new exchange] button.
  • Select [Binance] from the dropdown and choose [Connect via API keys].
  • Copy the list of trusted IP addresses and save them for later (Pic. 3).
Pic. 3. Copy Bitsgap’s IP addresses to whitelist them on Binance.
Pic. 3. Copy Bitsgap’s IP addresses to whitelist them on Binance.
  • Modify your API key restrictions to allow Bitsgap to process your trading activity. Enable reading, Spot & Margin Trading, and optionally, Futures. Restrict IP access to the trusted IPs you copied earlier.
  • Copy your API key and Secret Key and store them securely (Pic. 4).
Pic. 4. Copy your API key and Secret keys.
Pic. 4. Copy your API key and Secret keys.
  • Go back to Bitsgap, paste your API key and Secret key, and click [Connect].
  • Once again, if you did everything correctly, Binance will appear on your list of connected exchanges, indicating a successful connection (Pic. 5).
Pic. 5. Bingo, you’re connected!
Pic. 5. Bingo, you’re connected!

How Much Money Do I Need to Have to Start the Bot?

Initiating automated trading can be relatively budget-friendly, with the necessity of just a minimal initial investment depending on the specific platform and the complexity of your strategy. In fact, many platforms, such as Bitsgap, offer a simulation environment (demo version for both spot and futures) where you can experiment with your strategies without the need to stake any real money!

Bitsgap also offers a backtesting feature, which enables you to examine how your chosen strategy would have fared based on historical data. This feature provides critical insights that can be beneficial when fine-tuning your bot. Familiarizing yourself with bot trading through such practice rounds is highly recommended to fully comprehend the software's functioning before you commit your cryptocurrencies in a live trading environment.

What Coins or Pairs Are Good for Binance Bot Trading?

Choosing which cryptocurrencies or trading pairs to engage with can initially seem daunting given the plethora of options available. Bitcoin is often a popular choice for a base currency due to its typically high trading volume on exchanges.

Smaller coins may exhibit larger price swings, but if trading volume is inadequate, profiting could become challenging due to the lack of a significant coin pool for trading.

It's advisable to invest some time in assessing the trading volume of your chosen asset and the depth of the order book before making any decisions.

If you're a novice looking to dip your toes into the crypto trading waters, starting with a widely traded pair like BTC/USD could be a prudent choice. With its high trading volume and reasonable price volatility, it offers a suitable environment to familiarize yourself with how the trading bot operates.


Binance serves as an outstanding platform for those venturing into bot trading in the cryptocurrency realm. Known for its high trading volume and robust security measures, Binance is compatible with numerous software packages, a factor attributed to its widespread popularity.

As long as you don your armor of caution, Binance becomes a safe haven for bot trading. Remember to tweak your API permissions just right, activate your 2FA shield, and turn on address whitelisting. To add an extra layer of security, it's wise to use unique emails and passwords for every account associated with your automation process, including your Binance account.

If you're itching to dip your toes into the bot trading waters, why not take Bitsgap's free 7-day trial for a spin? Not only will it lift the curtain on how Bitsgap interacts with Binance, but it will also give you a golden chance to put your strategies to the test risk-free, a feature that's a rare gem in the world of bot service providers.


What Are Binance-Compatible Trading Bots?

If you're on the hunt for Binance's automated trading bots, consider options such as CryptoHopper, TradeSanta, 3Commas, or Bitsgap. But they differ in terms of the specific types of bots they offer, the security measures they have in place, and the fees they impose. Therefore, it's crucial to conduct thorough research before opting for a subscription or purchase from any of these providers. If you're keen on trying out demo or trial versions, Bitsgap could be an ideal choice. Bitsgap offers a unique opportunity to engage in paper trading on both the spot and futures market and provides a week-long trial of the PRO plan, allowing you to get a feel for the platform before investing real money.

What Are Automated Binance Strategies?

Automated Binance strategies refer to the application of trading bots to carry out trades on the Binance exchange, following predefined trading methodologies. The Binance bot marketplace showcases a variety of automation tools that you can choose from, examine thoroughly, and incorporate into your trading approach. For instance, you can find spot and futures grid strategies, a rebalancing bot strategy, and auto-invest amongst the options. To understand how to effectively deploy these tools, you can explore the Strategy Academy on Binance. Alternatively, Bitsgap offers a selection of automated Binance strategies such as GRID, DCA for spot and futures, Buy the Dip, and COMBO for your consideration.

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