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Security above everything

You need to be 100% confident when trading cryptocurrencies. At Bitsgap, we take your security very seriously with industry-leading safety features and protocols.

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We will never touch your funds

Bitsgap has no access to your funds. And will never have.

Your cryptocurrency assets are kept securely at the exchanges and connected by encrypted API keys. Your password and all personal information are safe.

Safer than your internet bank

All information that is delivered to our servers is encrypted with 2048-bit standard protocols and stored on a secure network, protected by a firewall.

No one has access to your data, and the high-security standards make Bitsgap twice as safe as most internet banks.

Extra layers of security

We strongly recommend using 2FA for Bitsgap and the email address associated with your account.

We use Hardware Security Keys/FIDO2 as a 2FA method.