Kraken Trading Bot

Automated trading technology is advancing rapidly. Bitsgap, as a recognized industry leader, never ceases to amaze the trading community with new effective developments in the field of AI application on crypto exchanges.

Kraken Trading Bot is the latest creation of the Bitsgap team, designed specifically for the trading conditions of the famous Kraken cryptocurrency exchange.

What's new about Kraken Trading Bot?

This unique automated cryptocurrency trading advisor is designed for aggressive profit taking in both uptrends and downtrends. During periods of flat market consolidation, this EA continues to autonomously place orders and accumulate profits from small price movements in a range. The functionality of this cryptocurrency trading robot also includes special money management features.

Reasonable reinvestment of the earned profit ensures the rapid growth of equity on the trading account. At the same time, part of the accumulated profit is never reinvested, but is regularly stored to reduce the overall risk. The risk management of Kraken Trading Bot is a strong competitive advantage of this EA in comparison with peers. In addition to the mathematically calculated risk limits, which the robot impeccably observes, the trader can set up individual parameters for risk management.

A feature such as Drawdown Limit operates in two modes — Relative or Absolute. The Relative mode allows you to set a risk limit based on the initial investment size, while the Absolute mode base on the maximum equity size. The traders can freely switch modes as they wish.

Bitsgap Interface
Bitsgap Interface

What is Kraken crypto exchange?

Kraken is one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges. The qualitative characteristic of this trading platform is a stable opportunity to buy or sell an asset at the best exchange price. Due to such rich liquidity, the spread for many cryptocurrencies is stable at no more than 1 pip even during periods of high volatility.

The Kraken cryptocurrency exchange maintains this deep liquidity in part by allowing makers and takers opening large positions with minimal commissions. This attracts large players and ensures active trading on this spot. Specially for trading with automated algorithms, this exchange has developed an api, through which Bitsgap platform clients can connect their trading bots.

How to connect via Kraken API?

You can study the detailed instructions for connecting EA to the Kraken crypto exchange api on the Bitsgap official website. The platform allows you to launch several trading bots at once and track their effectiveness and performance. Api is a convenient protocol through which you launch a trading robot from the Bitsgap platform directly on the exchange you need or even several exchanges! Usually, setting up a robot connection via api takes no more than 5 minutes!

Kraken trading interface
Kraken trading interface

Security is the core value

The trader's funds are kept on the trading account of the exchange. The Bitsgap platform is designed to broadcast market orders or run automated trading algorithms through a single interface. Only you control the access data to your exchange account. Bitsgap does not have access to your trading account and therefore only you define the settings in the Kraken trading robot api. Therefore, your funds are solely under your control. Kraken crypto exchange also cares about information security and constantly introduces new data protection technologies.


Bitsgap provides several pricing plans, which vary in terms and functionality of the service. The Pro plan is designed for serious cryptocurrency traders and allows you to run up to 20 bots at the same time, including futures bots.

Depending on the plan and terms, Bitsgap provides loyal customers with lucrative discounts and interesting service renewal opportunities.

How to start?

The first thing to start with is to register on the official Bitsgap website. Registration is completely free and does not require a credit card. Secondly, you will be given a 7-days free trial period.

This is a great opportunity to switch your platform to Demo mode and learn not only the functionality, but also trading robots performance. Once you get used to the interface, you can run the backtesting feature to choose the best strategy based on the statistics.

It is also necessary to run the trading robot in Demo mode in order to evaluate the performance in real time market conditions. After making sure that EA is profitable, you can choose the pricing plan that suits you and start trading!

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