Get started in crypto trading
without risking your own money

Sign up for a free Demo account today to gain real market experience with Demo funds!

Learn in a safe environment

Demo Mode, also known as Paper trading, lets you try crypto trading with simulated funds.

Sharpen your trading skills at your own pace and when you are ready, switch to Live trading.

Try different tools and strategies

As you develop or discover new strategies and techniques, it makes sense to test them first to see how these methods are likely to perform.

Experiment with different instruments and advanced trading tools in risk-free sandbox.

Get a live market experience

Trade crypto in real-time while using the virtual account, which has all the same market conditions as real trading on the platform.

Bitsgap will autonomously execute your orders, showing your actual trading results.

Get 10 demo Bitcoins on 10 most popular cryptocurrency exchanges

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Try Bitsgap Demo mode


Why did we launch Demo trading?

Cryptocurrency is an exciting market — however, making a mistake can be a very painful and costly lesson.

With a Bitsgap Demo trading account, you can learn and practice your trading in a risk-free environment. Without using your money to do so!

Bitsgap makes trading on any exchange easier even for the absolute beginner. We fully simulate the order book of any supported exchange so you can enjoy the real trading experience.

Simulate your trades and learn the markets!

How does the Bitsgap Demo tool work?

The Bitsgap Demo works by replicating an actual order book from the supported exchange. You will save a lot of time or get an advantage by using the unified interface and tools for all your real and Demo accounts.

How do I use Demo trading for the first time?

To switch into Demo mode, click on your profile in the top right corner of your screen, and then enable Demo mode. Make sure that the status is changed to ON.

If you are a Bitsgap beginner, we recommend you try out some of our services and see how they work:

  • Place Market or Limit orders to see how the trading works.
  • Create your first Smart Order to add extra risk management to your trading.
  • Run your first trading bot in a swinging market and enjoy the profit while you are offline.
  • Monitor your Portfolio and see it growing with each trade.

When you are ready and understand how everything operates, feel free to dive into real trading!