DCA trading bot

Invest in cryptocurrencies at multiple levels to buy at lower prices. Automatically buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the best time using technical analysis and smart automations. Safeguard your strategy with money management tools.

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Automate your trading routine

Classic technical indicators allow choosing the right moment to enter and exit a trade.

Powerful risk management tools help your profits grow and minimize risks. Trade like a pro 24/7 and never make human errors!

Buy cheaper via DCA levels

The averaging strategy works very well on crypto markets due to their predictable, cyclic behavior.

Our bot allows placing from 0 to 100 DCA orders so you can use the averaging function as you like. There is so much more!

Swiss Army knife for crypto trading

This bot is able to outperform the buy & hold strategy on any timeframe plus it can be also used on falling and sideways markets just as well as on the rising ones.

It is packed with all features that do really matter in cryptocurrency trading!

DCA bot strategies


For beginner
For beginnerFor beginner

A one-click strategy with the two most popular indicators for the 'trend is your friend' kind of trading. The bot will attempt to jump in a trend and follow it until receiving a closing signal from the same indicators or from the risk safeguards.


For beginner
For beginnerFor beginner

Also a one-click strategy with the combination of support/resistance lines and Stochastic oscillator for the sideways market. The bot will repeatedly trade by the signal while staying inside the channel and just HODL and use Trailing Stop once the price breaks outside.

Pure DCAPure DCA


A quick launcher for the DCA-only strategy that will buy by market, place limit orders to buy cheaper, take profit, and repeat.

The lower is the order, the larger is the size, so the break-even price is dragged closer. As long as the crypto market moves in phases, this strategy may work surprisingly well in the long run.

Custom DCACustom DCA


Create your own trading strategy using all available signal sources, DCA settings, risk management tools and additional bells and whistles. See detailed calculations of everything before starting a bot. Save and load templates and much more.

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What can DCA bot do?

DCA bot is made for trading on technical signals on rising, falling, or sideways markets, with or without the use of DCA orders.

A bot is able to ’listen’ to some signal source like an indicator and choose the time for a trade.

Then it places the market order and a set number of averaging (DCA) orders and exits the trade when the conditions are right (like a closing signal or Take Profit) or wrong (like a Stop Loss).

On top of all the above, there is a set of Risk Management tools that are made for letting your profitable trades grow and unprofitable ones — not to grow.

This includes Trailing Stop, Drawdown Limit, and Risk Reduction. The bottom line, our DCA bot is technical trading automation.

What is the DCA strategy?

The dollar-cost averaging (DCA) strategy means splitting your investment at multiple price levels in order to get a better average entry price in case the market moves against your initial trade.

DCA strategy may result in 3 possible outcomes:

  1. market moves in a favorable direction and never hits any DCA orders, which means you only make a profit on your initial market order and miss profits from the rest;
  2. market hits any or all of your DCA orders and then your Take Profit, resulting in a relatively large gain;
  3. market only moves against your orders and you hit a Stop Loss, resulting in a relatively large loss.

In the two latter cases both your profits and losses will be reduced due to the netting effect of multiple orders, so bottom line the DCA trading technique allows making the P&L curve smoother.

Specifically for crypto markets, as they are cyclic, the likelihood of hitting a Take Profit sooner or later can be higher than on traditional markets, so the DCA strategy may work particularly well on longer timeframes.

How can I test DCA bot?

During a free 7-days trial period you can access all premium features of the DCA bot in live trading mode as well as in the risk-free virtual Demo mode.

Additionally, we provide the Backtesting feature which is available in the bot launcher so you can run the bot in a simulation on the past data.