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Bitsgap cloud-hosted platform can be accessed from any device at any time. Your orders will be executed, even if you are offline.

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Smart algorithmic orders, available on all exchanges in one interface

Advanced trading terminal

Take Profit
Take Profit

Ensures you do not miss a profit at times when you can’t closely watch your trades

Stop Loss
Stop Loss

When the price falls, the system closes the transaction automatically


The feature that will follow the price and move your open order accordingly


Pair of trading orders, connected with a conditional link

Trading View
Trading View

Over 100 indicators and 50 smart drawing tools

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on 15+crypto exchanges
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No, Bitsgap’s mission is to bring cutting edge trading automations like smart orders, trading bots, and portfolio management tools to as many crypto traders and investors as possible. You can connect up to 15+ different exchanges and manage your assets on all of them via one powerful interface.

Bitsgap trading automations work seamlessly on all connected exchanges. Even if your exchange’s original trading interface does not support smart orders, SL/TP, Trailing, OCO, TWAP or other smart trading features, you will be able to use them after connecting your exchange to Bitsgap via API.

Absolutely not! One of the key principles of Bitsgap is that you are always in control of your assets and they always remain on the exchange. The trading platform is a powerful tool to manage your investments. Bitsgap will never ask you to withdraw or store your assets outside your exchange’s account.

As an extra security measure, using API keys with withdrawal permissions is restricted, which eliminates the possibility to take anything from your balance.

No, Bitsgap does not charge any extra commissions for using its products. You only pay a fixed fee for a monthly subscription plan.

Bitsgap takes security extremely seriously. The platform enables complex passwords, 2FA, and uses the RSA 2048 encryption to protect all user data — from login attempts to stored API keys. Read more about the safety measures we take on the Security page.