• Introducing the First DCA Bot Update: the Modify and Multiplier Features

    The Bitsgap DCA Bot has got a big update, including the possibility to modify its settings on the run and proactively average trading positions.

  • Pump & Dump Protection Switcher: A Step Ahead in Your Trading Strategy

    We're introducing a brand new platform feature: Pump and Dump Protection Switcher.

  • KUCOIN Trading Bot

    This EA crypto trader is tailored for the instruments that are traded on the KUCOIN crypto exchange.

  • Kraken Trading Bot

    Automated trading technology is advancing rapidly. Bitsgap, as a recognized industry leader, never ceases to amaze the trading community with new effective developments in the field of AI application on crypto exchanges. Kraken Trading Bot is the latest creation of the Bitsgap team, designed specifically for the trading conditions of the famous Kraken cryptocurrency exchange. What's new about Kraken Trading Bot? This unique automated cryptocurrency trading advisor [https://bitsgap.com/crypto-t

  • Bittrex Trading Bot

    Bitsgap has developed one of the most efficient cryptocurrency AI robots - Bittrex Trading Bot.

  • OKX Trading Bot

    The popularity of OKX bot is provided by the recommendations of professionals. The simplest and most reliable automatic trading algorithm on the crypto exchange. This is a special bot designed for OKX exchange traders. Crypto traders need quality software to solve risk management problems when they cannot monitor trading terminals and make trading decisions. OKX Trading Bot by Bitsgap has become a brilliant example of such an autonomous and efficient trading solution. What does OKX Trading

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