Trailing Down and More: July Update Overview

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This article will shed light on the July update of Bitsgap’s trading bots software which brought you Trailing Down, Order Statuses, a dozen of visual improvements, and about a hundred minor performance updates and bug fixes.

New Features

Trailing Down. This long-awaited feature allows Bitsgap trading bots to operate outside the initial price corridor. Since July 29, this feature can be enabled for all freshly created and already existing trading bots.

Trailing Down is a solid addition to a set of risk management tools and allows Bitsgap bots to reduce the negative impact of a falling market on users’ portfolios.

Users are also able to set up an active range for Trailing down and modify it whenever it is needed via the Bot Options menu, like on the screenshot below.

Order Statuses. Another important update is the “Order Statuses” section in the Bot Options menu. There, users can perform a fast health check on all orders set by a selected bot and restore any misplaced order in the grid.

Fee Zone. Now it is highlighted in the chart. This field indicates that no orders can be placed there since the exchange fee would surpass a potential profit.

Important Changes

The Daily Average is now calculated correctly. Previously, occasions were noted when the Daily Average calculation continued after the bot had been closed.

Stop Limit orders are now always visible on the chart. After the web page was updated manually using the “F5” key, it occasionally caused the Stop Limit order to disappear from the screen.

Trading strategies are now depicted correctly when switching to futures trading. Previously, switching exchange from spot to Binance Futures could cause an irrelevant depiction of trading strategies. Users kept seeing SBot strategies, instead of those for Combo Bot.

Any bot with zero transactions launched off the price range now has a “Range” status. A trading bot that didn’t perform a single transaction previously had a “Trailing” status in the system.

Adding a new API key from the Trading section now works correctly. An attempt to add a new exchange will now redirect a user to the “My Exchanges” section.

Other Changes

  • Added Trailing Up and Trailing Down status descriptions in the tooltip.
  • Added new interactive Visual of the Current price for creating new orders.
  • Added interactive SL/TP visuals when creating a new Market or Limit order.
  • Added Canary Islands to the list of countries available for billing.
  • Added Expired link for Coingate payments in the Billing History tab.
  • Binance and Binance US are now displayed at the top as the first available option when adding an exchange.
  • Empty exchanges like Liquid2, Binance2, etc. have been removed from the Bot sharing page.
  • Removed the trading limits for the Free plan. Since Free plan users have no ability to trade outside the Demo mode.
  • The “Investment” field name in the view modal window has been changed to “Value.”
  • The old logo on the payment window has been replaced with a new one.
  • The answer to the question “Can I switch plans?” in the FAQ section has been updated.

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed the issue of inability to place a Market order on the OKEx exchange. This also prevented our system from creating any trading bots on the OKEx exchange.
  • Fixed the issue of inability to disconnect from a user in the user replacement mode.
  • Fixed the issue with the visibility of canceled/completed orders on the chart created by the Сombo bot.
  • Fixed the issue when the system showed an incorrect bot operation time upon closing.
  • Fixed the issue with opening error occurred when opening a chart in the mobile version.
  • Fixed the issue when the visual elements of a new order (when creating one) were overlapping with the visuals of the expanded smart trade, positions, and bot’s orders.
  • Fixed the issue when switching to the Portfolio page consumed 100% of the CPU power on a user device.
  • Fixed the issue of inability to select Futures strategy. Instead, it was switching back to Spot.
  • Fixed the issue with the website crash if a user removed the Amount in the transfer window.
  • Fixed the issue when a chart was not fully adjusted to the block space on the mobile version of the website.
  • Fixed the issue with the mobile version of the website when orders, positions, and history were not shown on the Trading page.
  • Fixed the issue with the mobile version of the website when order types were not visible, mainly on the day mode version.
  • Fixed the issue when the system failed to validate a price precision set by particular exchanges.
  • Fixed the issue with SL/TP levels visible on a chart for the futures when restoring a bot from the History section. Even if those options were previously disabled.
  • Fixed the issue when the Portfolio page was showing NaN% results if the user switched from the Demo mode to a real trading.
  • Fixed the issue with Stop Limit orders disappearing from the list of open orders.
  • Fixed the issue of inability to close a bot by using the market sell or break-even sell option without selecting a bot.
  • Fixed the issue of the occasional inability to launch a new Combo bot.
  • Fixed the issue of the bot daily/hourly profit stats didn’t match the overall Bot Profit.
  • Fixed the visual issue in the Futures bots History tab, where all closed bots had a grey background. Now the background color alternates with grey and dark colors.
  • Fixed the issue when switching to a demo account on a mobile version could corrupt the design of the mobile website.
  • Fixed the issue when changing the strategy for futures bot was automatically updating Short (if selected) trend to Long.
  • Fixed the hoover message style of the Signals button on the chart.
  • Fixed the issue of reduced performance of the Portfolio page that occurred when there were too many different assets on a user account.
  • Fixed the issue of the payment window crash after entering the “&” symbol in the company name field.
  • Fixed the issue with the inability to backtest or create a bot because of the grid step error.
  • Fixed the issue when the P&L of the Position was missing when sharing a futures bot page.
  • Fixed the issue when Out of Range bots had API Issue or Active statuses when shared.
  • Fixed the issue with the inability to add a new exchange from the modal view.