• What is the DCA strategy? Can it be automated?

    The cryptocurrency market clearly demonstrates cyclical and volatile nature. These are the main grounds why the DCA strategy can be helpful for cryptocurrency traders.

  • Bybit Trading Bot

    This crypto trading EA manages trading positions 24/7 without your participation and makes effective trading decisions on the Bybit crypto exchange.

  • Buy the Dip - Bitsgapians CryptoWinter Bonanza!

    Perhaps there is no other asset or commodity that is more valuable and appealing than Bitcoin. Many of us HODL this or that amount of BTC, the question is how to make more Bitcoins?

  • HitBTC Trading Bot

    The uniqueness of this standalone fully automated crypto trading EA is defined by its ability to earn both on the rise and fall of BTC.

  • KUCOIN Trading Bot

    This EA crypto trader is tailored for the instruments that are traded on the KUCOIN crypto exchange.

  • Kraken Trading Bot

    Automated trading technology is advancing rapidly. Bitsgap, as a recognized industry leader, never ceases to amaze the trading community with new effective developments in the field of AI application on crypto exchanges. Kraken Trading Bot is the latest creation of the Bitsgap team, designed specifically for the trading conditions of the famous Kraken cryptocurrency exchange. What's new about Kraken Trading Bot? This unique automated cryptocurrency trading advisor [https://bitsgap.com/crypto-t

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