Crypto trading terminal

Cryptocurrency has taken the world like a storm, but it still has one really big problem. The entire market is extremely scattered. This not only causes huge issues when it comes to liquidity but also makes trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies very confusing.

That’s because crypto exchanges typically list a handful of the hundreds of assets. For most professional traders it means that they need to create and manage multiple cryptocurrency exchange accounts to cover all trading opportunities. Otherwise, you’re just leaving money on the table.

Using several crypto exchanges is not only extremely inconvenient, but it can also cause you to lose money on your trades. With high stakes trading, every second count, and it means that you need to be able to react fast to sudden market shifts.

This can be very challenging if you’re trying to adapt numerous different interfaces, deal with each individual exchange’s quirks, trying to overcome order lag and dealing with the fact that many cryptocurrency exchanges don’t support important order types like stop-loss or take-profit.

Eventually, juggling with so many different platforms will cause you to make a natural mistake, and it could be an extremely costly one. Especially if you’re working on an exchange which does not provide risk management tools to protect your capital from disaster.

How Bitsgap solves these issues

Bitsgap solves all these issues by giving traders access to a unified crypto trading terminal. With Bitsgap you can trade on 25+ cryptocurrency exchanges using just one account. That means no more switching between exchanges to execute your trades, and it allows you to declutter your browser to help you maintain your focus.

It also makes your operations much faster than you would be trading on those crypto exchanges normally. Use Bitsgap’s with the easy-to-use interface to make your trading activity consistent and reliable, so you can place your orders in just a few clicks. Get the advantage with the unified interface to view all of your open positions across every exchange at a glance.

Bitsgap’s cryptocurrency trading terminal does even more than that though. It actually enhances the functionality of every exchange that you’re currently using to trade! With Bitsgap’s trading aggregator, every exchange now supports extended order types and expert analysis tools.

Utilize your Bitsgap account to enhance your trading experience, even for exchanges which offer notoriously bad interfaces or tools. Use stop-loss, take-profit and shadow orders on any exchange to give you an edge over competitors who are using only the standard offered order types. The Bitsgap advanced tools will secure more profits for you.

You can even use Bitsgap to ditch other expensive cryptocurrency trading tools that you might be using. Draw directly on any exchange’s chart and use our professional technical analysis indicators to zero in on the best opportunities without ever leaving your browser window.

How does Bitsgap give you all of this awesome functionality? Through simple, yet secure API key access from your exchange accounts. Connect all of your accounts in one-click and rest easy knowing that your upgraded trading experience also comes with expert level security.

Bitsgap never has access to your funds, and the extra protection measure will prevent you to add API keys with withdrawal permission. Every bit of information that passes through Bitsgap is encrypted, and you add yet another security layout to your account by enabling 2 Factor Authentication.

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The Bitsgap advantage

What does the Bitsgap crypto trading terminal exactly brings to you? Advanced order types for every exchange, greater speed, awesome built-in TA tools and more. Here are a few advantages that you’ll get by using Bitsgap for your day-to-day activity:

  • Access 25+ cryptocurrency exchanges with coverage of more than 9000 trading pairs.
  • No download required. Use Bitsgap on any browser and at any device.
  • Built-in TA tools for drawing trend lines and identifying opportunities with technical indicators.
  • A fast shift between exchanges.
  • Access to extended order types like Stop-loss and Take-profit.
  • Use shadow orders to make stealth trades off the order books which will not reserve your available balance.
  • Maximum security due to API withdrawal restrictions.
  • No extra commissions for trade orders.

Take advantage with the cryptocurrency trading terminalstrong> and get access to many more pro-level features by signing up for Bitsgap today. Grant your strategy the edge that you’ve been missing, and make even more profits with our tools.

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