• The state of Bitsgap platform update, 25th April, 2018

    Today we have a short update about full integration of the following exchanges on Bitsgap: Bittrex, HitBTC and Gdax. Starting from today you can add your API keys on My Exchanges [https://app.bitsgap.com/my-exchanges] page and begin trading on newly added exchanges directly from Bitsgap.

  • The state of Bitsgap platform update, 13th April, 2018

    Hello Bitsgap users! Today we want to share that following exchanges were added to the Bitsgap platform: Bittrex, HitBTC, Huobi, Gdax, KuCoin, Gemini. Please note that these exchanges are currently available in View Mode only. This means that you cannot add API keys and make trades through Bitsgap at the moment. Our team is collecting required trading information and performing technical maintenance to provide service stability and full functionality on the platform. Please stand by for mor

  • The state of Bitsgap platform update, 09th April, 2018

    One-click arbitrage trading available NOW! Arbitrage has been used by advanced traders to generate almost risk-free profits. Due to complexity, it hasn’t been available for regular traders yet. We facilitated this process to allow you to make profits in just 1-click. You can read more about how it works here [https://helpdesk.bitsgap.com/support/solutions/folders/36000171561] or jump in and give it a try on Arbitrage page [https://app.bitsgap.com/arbitrage] -----------------------------------

  • 1 month in the game!

    We sincerely appreciate the feedback of the community and its activity and would like to say, that not a single comment or ticket passed by us unattended. The Bitsgap team used the time to look into the journey of our users, and aside from numerous design and functionality fixes, decided to go ahead with three major updates that are getting ready next week. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Referral program Now you can spread the love and tell

  • The work never stops

    We are working on a new look for the Market Cap [https://app.bitsgap.com/browser], so that without even refreshing the page, our users could access information about the crypto market form all the exchanges, using just one simple interface. Demo platform is also available to use for risk-free trading. Try out your trading skills with a system that is smart enough to imitate the actual workflow of the market. Do not miss out on this opportunity! SIGN UP [https://app.bitsgap.com/auth/signup/]

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