• What is a cryptocurrency hard fork and how does it work

    When stepping in into crypto, there are many terms to familiarize with. This includes learning to be more protective of your investments. One of the key things you should learn then is a hard fork. In this article we’ll discuss what cryptocurrency hard forks are and how they impact your investments.

  • What does a cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund (ETF) mean

    If you want to invest in crypto using your regular brokerage account, then you may opt for crytpo ETFs. However, owning shares in a Bitcoin ETF is not the same as owning Bitcoin. In this article, we’ll be giving you a short guide to this new investment tool and what it can do for your portfolio.

  • Night mode comes to Bitsgap

    Welcome to the dark side! Long-awaited night mode on Bitsgap is finally live! We hope this will save your eyes and let you trade with more comfort. During the creation, our primary goal was to minimize the eyes strain you may feel while trading in your dark room. The new permanent night mode can be enabled from a Trading page [https://app.bitsgap.com/trading] quick settings at the top right corner of your screen. Come and join us on the dark side! ----------------------------------------------

  • Fundamental analysis in crypto trading

    Fundamental analysis can save you a fortune and prevent from entering an unfavourable market. What is it and how to apply it properly? Let's learn from this article.

  • The state of Bitsgap platform update, 30th November, 2018

    During the last week, we have made a significant progress with the system updates and have developed a steady improvement in platform performance. We are actively working on releasing new features and at the same time, enhancing our current features usability. Today we would like to share some of our results and give you a sneak peek for the next update. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Platform transfer to a new subdomain app.bitsgap.com Starti

  • What is cryptocurrency market volatility - reasons, effects & examples

    Love it or hate, volatility is an important part of the crypto market and you need to learn how to use it to your advantage rather than loathing it. In this article we’ll answer all of your questions about crypto market volatility and offer some pieces of advice to help navigating these murky waters

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