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The Rise of "Tap-to-Earn" Crypto Mining

The Rise of "Tap-to-Earn" Crypto Mining

A new breed of cryptocurrency gaming is tapping into mainstream adoption — meet "tap-to-earn," the genre demolishing barriers to blockchain rewards.

A novel form of cryptocurrency mining is emerging, centered around fast and frequent tapping in exchange for token payouts. Gaining traction globally, these "tap-to-earn" games are built on Telegram bots that dispense rewards for rapid user clicks. But what exactly is the premise behind this tapping trend? And what purpose does it serve for creators and participants alike? We unpack the intentions powering this movement.

Play2Earn to Tap2Earn Revolution: Historical Background

In 2010, developer Gavin Andresen launched the first Bitcoin faucet, a site where users could receive 5 BTC for solving a simple captcha. The goal was to popularize Bitcoin among a wider audience. By the mid 2020s, format evolution is complete — meet tap-to-earn, the genre's latest iteration. 

Previously, major play-to-earn (P2E) projects like Axie Infinity required players to collect and breed NFT characters. Now, the focus has shifted to Telegram-based bots where users simply click or tap to collect virtual coins.

The pioneer here is Notcoin, which dispensed only virtual coins initially before launching a real $NOT token distributed to early clickers. With 35 million players and counting, Notcoin showcases the appeal of minimal effort cryptogaming. As the space matures, tap-to-earn games now number in the hundreds — all hoping to emulate Notcoin's formula of clicks translating to cryptopayouts.

Below, we’ll examine how Notcoin and similar tap-to-earn games function, major players, profit potential and tips for capitalizing on the explosion of these Telegram-based tap-to-mine games.

What Are Tap2Earn & How Do They Work?

Tap2Earn (Tap-2-Earn or tap-to-earn) crypto games, also known as crypto-clickers or tappers, are a genre of video games where the primary gameplay involves repeatedly clicking on the screen (or pressing a mouse button) to perform actions. The main objective for players is to increase the number of clicks to achieve specific goals, such as earning crypto tokens, collecting resources, characters, or points.

The appeal of Tap2Earn games lies in their accessibility and potential for passive income. Unlike traditional crypto trading or mining, which typically require substantial capital or technical know-how, Tap2Earn games have a low barrier to entry. Anyone with a smartphone or computer can participate, making these games inclusive for gamers and crypto enthusiasts around the globe.

Features of Clicker Games

Here are the key features that define clicker games and contribute to their widespread appeal:

  • Simple Gameplay: Clicker games typically feature very straightforward and intuitive gameplay. The main action involves repeatedly tapping the screen or pressing buttons.
  • Gradual Development: As players progress, they can improve their abilities, acquire new items or characters, allowing them to reach higher goals and unlock new levels.
  • Automation: Many clicker games offer opportunities to automate actions, enhancing the gameplay experience.

Additionally, some clicker games incorporate social elements, such as player competitions, cooperative tasks, or the ability to share achievements, adding a layer of interaction and community engagement to the experience.

The key lies in the simplicity of the clicker and the lack of restrictions. The gameplay is straightforward, and referral links encourage players to share the games with friends.

Game Play Mechanics

While individual titles vary, tap-to-earn games share straightforward gameplay mechanics:

  1. Click on the link to the game bot.
  2. Select 'Play' from the bot's menu.
  3. Authorize the bot to link your Telegram account with the game's website.
  4. Click or tap to accumulate virtual currency.
  5. At a later stage, link a blockchain wallet to the bot.
  6. (Optional) Buy premium features like profit boosters with real cryptocurrency.
  7. Await the airdrop.

To convert the virtual currency you've earned into actual blockchain tokens (once issued), you'll need to connect a compatible wallet, typically one that supports the TON blockchain. Options include the Telegram-integrated TON Connect or third-party applications such as Tonkeeper or MyTonWallet. You will also need to deposit some cryptocurrency into your wallet to cover the gas fees required to claim the airdrop. For TON tokens, the simplest method is to purchase them on a centralized exchange and transfer them to your non-custodial TON wallet.

A word of caution as you accumulate tap-to-earn cryptocurrency rewards — fake websites abound impersonating legitimate airdrop pages for popular Telegram games. These sites prompt you to connect your wallet to claim an airdrop, risking the loss of all cryptocurrencies and NFTs stored in your wallet. Exercise skepticism navigating token redemption pathways, especially involving unsolicited prompts to link wallets.

Best 5 Tap2Earn Games & Crypto Clickers

Now, let’s examine such Tap2Earns in more detail, covering the best 5, including Notcoin.


Launched by Open Builders in early 2024, Notcoin rapidly gained popularity due to its straightforward gaming model. By tapping on a virtual coin, players could mine in-game currency, NOT coins, which later converted to the $NOT token. This simple yet engaging approach attracted millions of daily active users and fostered a large, engaged community.

To play Notcoin, users began by tapping on a virtual coin to earn Notcoins. The more they tapped, the more coins they accumulated. The game also included various missions and tasks, such as joining Telegram communities, following partner projects on social media, and participating in other in-game activities to boost earnings. Notcoin's unique integration with The Open Network (TON) blockchain ensured high transaction throughput and security. Shortly after its launch on centralized exchanges (CEXs), Notcoin became one of the top 10 traded coins in the crypto market, boasting a market cap of nearly $2 billion. 

The Rise of "Tap-to-Earn" Crypto Mining-1
Pic. 1. Notcoin.

Now, Notcoin is evolving from a clicker game to something more advanced. Its new explore-to-earn model allows users to earn Notcoin as they discover web3 products. The process works as follows: projects acquire Notcoin from the market, add it to the campaign pool, and users complete the campaign to start earning Notcoin from this pool. Players can achieve levels such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, with higher levels granting access to campaigns with greater rewards.

Explore here: 

Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat is another popular Telegram-based tap2earn game where players manage a virtual crypto exchange by tapping on digital hamsters to earn coins. Hamster works similarly to Notcoin — you start by tapping on a digital hamster to mine HMSTR coins. The more you tap, the more Hamster coins you earn. Additionally, you can complete various tasks, such as trying your luck to win up to 5 million coins via the Daily Combo, subscribing to the game's YouTube channel, or inviting friends to boost your coin earnings. The game also includes special missions and daily check-ins that reward players with extra coins. Players can upgrade their exchanges to increase the rate at which they earn coins and participate in community events and competitions to climb the ranks and earn even more rewards.

The Rise of "Tap-to-Earn" Crypto Mining-2
Pic. 2. Hamster Kombat.

One of the unique features of Hamster Kombat is its integration with the upcoming token launch on The Open Network (TON) blockchain. Players' in-game coins will be converted into tokens during a Token Generation Event (TGE), providing a tangible reward for their in-game efforts. The game also features a ranking system, where active players can achieve higher ranks and access exclusive benefits. 

Explore here: 

TapSwap Clicker

TapSwap is a rapidly growing Telegram clicker game that allows you to earn cryptocurrency in similar tapping mechanics. Built on the Solana blockchain, TapSwap combines tap2earn with the robust features of a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. By interacting with the TapSwap bot on Telegram, you can earn TAPS tokens. You can enhance your earnings by unlocking boosters, completing various tasks, and inviting friends to join the game. TapSwap also features competitive leagues, allowing you to climb the ranks and earn additional rewards. 

The Rise of "Tap-to-Earn" Crypto Mining-3
Pic. 3. TapSwap.

To withdraw coins from the TapSwap game on Telegram, first accumulate coins by tapping the screen and completing tasks within the TapSwap Telegram bot. Next, convert your earned coins to TAPS tokens using the bot’s interface or a specified exchange platform. Ensure you have a compatible Solana wallet like Phantom or Solflare set up, then connect this wallet to the TapSwap bot by following the prompts for authorization. Finally, navigate to the withdrawal section in the bot, enter your Solana wallet address, specify the amount of TAPS tokens to withdraw, and confirm the transaction. Your TAPS tokens should appear in your Solana wallet shortly thereafter.

Explore here: 


Blum is a crypto trading app for Telegram that supports over 30 blockchains. The new Telegram mini app enables you to farm Blum Points. The bot will guide you through creating an account using an email address, after which the Start Farming button becomes active. From there, you can either passively watch your coin balance grow or actively earn more coins by clicking Play. You can earn even more points in the Tasks tab, which includes quests such as following Blum on social media. Additionally, you can invite friends to the game and receive a 10% referral rebate on all the points they farm. 

The Rise of "Tap-to-Earn" Crypto Mining-4
Pic. 4. Blum.

Currently, you might be prompted to join a waitlist or informed that the waitlist is closed, meaning you'll have to wait for the queue to reopen.

Explore here:


Catizen is a cute clicker game that immerses you in a whimsical world where you manage a colony of cats. The game blends strategy and simulation elements, allowing you to build and expand your cat colony while earning cryptocurrency. As you progress, you can gather resources, complete missions, and compete with other players to earn rewards. The game’s charming graphics and engaging gameplay have made it a favorite among Telegram users seeking both entertainment and earning opportunities.

The Rise of "Tap-to-Earn" Crypto Mining-5
Pic. 5. Catizen.

To play Catizen, you start by setting up your colony and assigning tasks to your cats. Each cat has unique skills that can be utilized for various activities such as farming, fishing, and crafting. By completing these tasks, you earn in-game currency, which can later be exchanged for cryptocurrency. The game also features daily missions and special events that offer additional rewards. One of the unique aspects of Catizen is its community-driven gameplay, where players can join guilds, participate in group challenges, and trade resources. This collaborative element not only enhances the gaming experience but also increases your earning potential.

Explore here:

How Much Can You Earn on Tap2Earns

Earnings from clicker games can vary significantly depending on several factors, such as the game's popularity, built-in earning mechanisms, and the player's strategy and activity. Here are a few aspects that can influence your earnings:

  • Popularity and Game Mechanics: Popular games often offer more earning opportunities through in-game currency, activity bonuses, or referral programs. Some games provide in-game purchases or bonuses for watching ads, which can accelerate your progress and enhance your earning potential.
  • Referral Programs: Developers frequently offer bonuses or additional currency for attracting new players through referral links.
  • Automation and Boosts: Purchasing automated bots or using boosts can improve the efficiency of your taps and increase your income.
  • Cryptocurrency Market: If the game allows you to earn real cryptocurrencies, your income will depend on the current exchange rate of these coins. The high volatility of digital assets can either increase or decrease your returns.

On average, you can earn a few dollars in a tapping game within a couple of hours of play.

Important! You may encounter difficulties when withdrawing accumulated coins. If the application developer fails to list the cryptocurrency on an exchange or does not find another way to pay players, the coins collected may remain worthless "candy wrappers."

How Can You Trade Clicker Tokens with Bitsgap

You can trade all clicker coins that have managed to get listed on supported cryptocurrency exchanges. You can either trade directly on the exchanges where these tokens are available or link these exchanges to Bitsgap. By doing so, you can conveniently manage and trade all your clicker coins across various supported exchanges through a single, integrated interface.

Why Trading via Bitsgap Is Better

Trading through Bitsgap provides numerous advantages that enhance your trading experience and efficiency. One of the standout features is the unified interface, which eliminates the need to toggle between different platforms or log in to multiple accounts. This not only saves time but also reduces the hassle of learning curves associated with new exchange interfaces.

The Rise of "Tap-to-Earn" Crypto Mining-6
Pic. 6. Example backtest on NOT/USDT.

Furthermore, Bitsgap offers additional tools that are otherwise unavailable on individual exchanges. These include smart trading orders and superior automated trading bots, including futures bots. The platform also provides robust portfolio management with actionable analytics, allowing you to keep a close eye on your investments and make informed decisions.

Another key feature is the AI Assistant, which suggests profitable trading strategies based on your investment amount and timeframe preferences. This AI-driven tool simplifies the trading process and helps you maximize your returns.

Bitsgap also prides itself on its comprehensive support system, offering 24/7 customer service and a vibrant community ready to help you navigate any challenges. The platform regularly hosts masterclasses and webinars, ensuring that you stay updated with the latest trends and strategies in the crypto world.

Lastly, Bitsgap frequently runs promotions, including subscription discounts, which provide additional value to its users.

With all these features, Bitsgap stands out as an exceptional platform for trading clicker tokens, combining ease of use with advanced trading tools to offer a superior trading experience. 


The phenomenon of tap2earn and memecoins has taken the cryptocurrency world by storm, turning out to be a surprisingly good investment tool for many independent traders. These tokens, often starting as jokes or internet memes, have brought powerful profits due to their viral nature and the hype surrounding them. However, it's important to recognize that the most significant profits were often reaped by blockchain developers and their market makers. These early adopters and insiders had the advantage of acquiring large amounts of these coins at minimal costs, later capitalizing on the explosive growth driven by retail investor enthusiasm.

As we look to the future, the question arises: should memecoins be considered as a viable investment tool, or are they destined to be forgotten like many NFTs? While the bubble-like nature of memecoins suggests a high-risk investment, their potential for substantial short-term gains cannot be entirely dismissed. Investors should approach memecoins with caution, recognizing the speculative nature of these assets and the importance of timing in their investment strategy.

In conclusion, while memecoins have proven to be lucrative for some, their volatility and the significant influence of early movers mean that they should be approached with a well-considered strategy. It’s essential to balance the allure of quick profits with the risks involved, ensuring that any investment in memecoins is part of a diversified and informed portfolio.

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