• ​New way to log in with social networks

    We heard the feedback from our community and simplified the Sign in process. Now you can log in with your email, so no need to remember a username anymore. To make platform usage even smoother, we have included an option to log in with Facebook, Google and LinkedIn accounts. Awesome! As usual, we highly recommend activating 2FA [https://helpdesk.bitsgap.com/support/solutions/articles/36000009041-how-do-i-enable-the-two-factor-authentication-2fa-on-my-bitsgap-account-] if you have not done it

  • First Decentralized Exchange on Bitsgap - IDEX

    Today we are integrating our first Decentralised Exchange into Bitsgap platform. We believe in a revolution of cryptocurrency trading provided by dexes and we are looking forward to add more in the nearest future. Please, welcome our first guest IDEX! [https://idex.market]

  • Bitsgap Subreddit

    We are pleased to announce the opening of the Bitsgap subreddit channel! Now you can reach our team at reddit.com/r/bitsgap [https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitsgap/] and join discussions with other Bitsgap users. And there is more - every day we will post a brief overview of world news related to cryptocurrency, and update you with top 20 market changes!

  • Trading on the chart

    Did you know that now you can change your open orders by simply dragging it on the chart! This can be used to trade around the key price levels or execute any order immediately.

  • People behind the Bitsgap project

    Some good news on a Monday. For those who were asking about the team behind Bitsgap - you are welcome to have a look here [https://bitsgap.com/team/]. We are happy to e-meet you!

  • Help us to make Bitsgap better - join our service satisfaction survey

    We understand the importance of talking with the community and would like to invite you to our 7-question survey. Please, let us know which features you think we should work on next. Let's make Bitsgap better together. Click here [https://bitsgap.typeform.com/to/oliwb0] to take survey.

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