Maximize Your Gains With New Bot Performance Interface

Maximize Your Gains With New Bot Performance Interface

Responding to your feedback and ideas, Bitsgap proudly presents the brand new bot performance analytics. More powerful and informative than ever before!

‘This bot has earned me X USDT, is it a lot or not?’
‘Should I run this bot or just hodl?’
‘Which bot should I keep running and which one should I cancel, and when?’

Every crypto bot user on Earth has been struggling with these concerns on a daily basis. Until now!

In response to your feedback and ideas (as well as our own - we are traders too!), we are delighted to present a brand new bot performance interface. More powerful and informative than ever before!

The new improved bot performance analytics is made to release our clients from uncertainty and grant the power of FULL transparency, enabling the most effective bot management ever.

Now you can assess the bot performance in multiple ways:

  • by switching between base / quote / system currency equivalents, each resulting in different percent changes;
  • by tracking BTC and ETH percent changes during the bot trading time;
  • by comparing the projected buy & hold change of your initial investment with the bot’s actual performance.

Also, now you can monitor the main figure - the "Change" - in your system currency of choice, whether it is USD, EUR, CNY or BTC.

All this will allow you to answer the ultimate question:

‘Am I right by keeping the bot A running or should I close it now and keep bots C, D and E in order let the profits flow?’

New interface explained

1. Current funds

Maximize Your Gains With New Bot Performance Interface-2
Current Funds Section

This is the information about your bot’s current funds, which is a sum of the cryptos reserved for open orders and accumulated bot profit.

"Value" means the equivalent of the funds assigned to a bot in your selected system currency, while "Total P&L" is the final result of your bot’s trading, calculated at real-time rates.

"Total P&L" in the "Current funds" section shows the difference between the current value and initial value, explained further below.

The percent value in the block header is the "Change" - i.e. current funds vs initial funds. Currency rates changes since the start of each bot are taken into account.

2. Initial funds

Maximize Your Gains With New Bot Performance Interface-3
Initial Funds Section

This is the information about your bot’s initial funds, which consist of the cryptos required for open orders at the start.

"Value" field means the equivalent of your bot’s initial funds in selected currency, at the exchange rates that were actual when you started your bot.

"Value change" field reflects the difference between the initial value (at the initial rates) and the current value of the same amount of base and quote currency. This is a potential buy and hold P&L, which can be directly compared with the actual "Total P&L" of your bot to assess its effectiveness.

The percent value in the block header here is the value change expressed in percentages.

3. Benchmarks

Maximize Your Gains With New Bot Performance Interface-4
Benchmarks section

This section reflects percent changes of BTC and ETH compared to USD since the start of your bot.

These numbers work as benchmark test help you figure out whether your particular bot is a hit or a miss compared to a "buy and hodl" strategy.

4. Bot profit

Maximize Your Gains With New Bot Performance Interface-5
Bot profit Section

In this section you may see the P&L of the selected bot in the quote currency and its value in the system currency.

This information helps you separate the bot’s trading profit from cryptocurrency price fluctuations in the overall financial result.

The bot profit equivalent in the system currency is also subject to exchange rate changes between the present moment and the moment you've started the bot.

5. Info

Maximize Your Gains With New Bot Performance Interface-6
Info Section

This section contains various types additional data, such as the amount of transactions and trading time. This information is helpful for better understanding of the trading actively of the selected bot.

Bots Lists' Changes

  1. “Value” column has been switched to system currency. Which is more important, now you can sort bots according to the amount of allocated funds.
  2. “Change” column is now calculated using the system currency instead of the quote currency . It shows the same percent number as in the “Current funds” block in the bot performance window.

Now the data in these columns not only reflects the bot performance, but also takes into account exchange rate fluctuations.

Important Note

If you are currently running bots like ETH / BTC or others with quote currency that is NOT a stablecoin, you may have noticed that the “Change” for these bots have surged. That’s because it’s now based on system currency instead of quote currency, allowing you to see the final result of your bot in your "money" of choice.

Apart from the dramatic bull runs and fierce bear attacks, most of the time the market moves sideways. Almost 80 percent of the global market trades run by automated bots and crypto is no exception here.

The reason behind that is their effectiveness. Automated trading systems including grid strategies have secured an important place in the market and they are here to stay.

Over 200,000 traders launch Bitsgap bots every day, and this update is a big step forward to streamline bot performance data displaying.

We believe that transparency, timely execution, and accurate performance data are the fundamentals of our clients’ success. We hope that you will enjoy the new changes as much as we do, and urge you to contact us with any questions and feedback!


Bitsgap team

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