Introducing a new Bitsgap portfolio interface

Introducing a new Bitsgap portfolio interface

Tracking your cryptocurrency portfolio is a vital tool for anyone who starts to trade. Your portfolio is a collection of all holdings and transactions you have executed in the past, combined they are showing how great your trading performance and results are growing over the time.

Many cryptocurrency traders are using an old-school excel spreadsheet where they spend a lot of time combining all formulas to calculate the results, or they are using free services, but there you need to enter all your transactions manually.

Today we officially going live with updated portfolio interface and new architecture which allows users to see the diversification and more accurate information about your trading performance on all popular exchanges. The first Portfolio update will have limited functionality, which will be updated in the next few weeks.

What you can do with a new portfolio

- Monitor how your portfolio value changes in real-time
- See the price trend of every coin you own
- Get a detailed information about the performance of a specific coin or exchange
- Analyse how your trades impact on your overall portfolio value
- Track your trade history and the results in profit & loss statement
- See all your open and closed positions in one window
- Check your logs and notifications in a separate tab, so you always know what happened when you were away

More features and analytics tools will be coming in the next few months. We are planning to expand the list of services to fill every single gap for a modern crypto trader.

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