• What are altcoins - how do you trade & store them comparing to BTC

    Almost everyone heard of Bitcoin, but it’s not the only cryptocurrency! There are newer assets, called altcoins can be just as interesting as Bitcoin. What are they? How do you store them and trade? In this article, we’ll cover altcoins and everything you need to know to get started investing in it!

  • What is a Bitcoin and crypto private key - how do you protect it

    Cryptocurrency is a completely new type of asset to invest in and there are so many things to learn. Do you know, for example, what private key is and why do you need it? In this article we'll cover this aspect and some more.

  • What is a trading volume in cryptocurrency and why is it important

    Learning all of the metrics is an important part of evaluating the investment potential of a particular cryptocurrency. One of the most important ones that new investors should focus on is trading volume. How does it work though? In this article we’ll find it out!

  • What is a cryptocurrency hard fork and how does it work

    When stepping in into crypto, there are many terms to familiarize with. This includes learning to be more protective of your investments. One of the key things you should learn then is a hard fork. In this article we’ll discuss what cryptocurrency hard forks are and how they impact your investments.

  • What does a cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund (ETF) mean

    If you want to invest in crypto using your regular brokerage account, then you may opt for crytpo ETFs. However, owning shares in a Bitcoin ETF is not the same as owning Bitcoin. In this article, we’ll be giving you a short guide to this new investment tool and what it can do for your portfolio.

  • Fundamental analysis in crypto trading

    Fundamental analysis can save you a fortune and prevent from entering an unfavourable market. What is it and how to apply it properly? Let's learn from this article.

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