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PENDLE Crypto Review: Crypto PENDLE Price Prediction & Analysis

PENDLE Crypto Review: Crypto PENDLE Price Prediction & Analysis

Pendle emerges an oasis pioneering tokenized yield futures amidst a decentralized finance landscape starved for liquidity innovation. Is it poised to unlock yield's next evolutionary stage?

In the dynamic realm of decentralized finance (DeFi), various platforms vie to offer novel financial products that not only enhance user experience but also contribute to the liquidity and flexibility of the crypto market. Pendle stands out as an innovative protocol that specializes in the trading and management of yield-bearing assets. This review delves into the core aspects of Pendle, covering its utility, tokenomics, and ecosystem to provide a comprehensive understanding of its potential impact and value in the DeFi space.

What Is Pendle Crypto?

PENDLE Crypto Review: Crypto PENDLE Price Prediction & Analysis-1
Pic. 1. Pendle.

Pendle Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that allows users to trade tokenized future yield on Ethereum and Avalanche blockchains. It provides a unique financial primitive in DeFi by enabling the trading of yields that will be generated in the future. This is achieved through a two-token system:

  1. Ownership Tokens: These are derivative tokens representing the underlying yield-bearing asset. For instance, if you hold a staking token or a liquidity provider (LP) token that earns yields, you can use Pendle to separate the ownership of the asset from its future yield.
  2. Yield Tokens: These tokens represent the rights to the future yields of the underlying asset for a specific time period. By purchasing a yield token, a user buys the right to receive yield generated by the underlying asset up to a certain date.

Key Features of Pendle Finance

  • Yield Tokenization: Pendle allows users to lock yield-bearing assets into a smart contract and separate the future yield from the underlying asset. This separation creates a new market for trading future yields.
  • Secondary Markets for Yield: After tokenizing the future yield, these yield tokens can be traded on Pendle’s own automated market maker (AMM) platform or other secondary markets. This provides liquidity and price discovery for future yields.
  • Risk Management and Speculation: Traders can speculate on the future yield rates of various DeFi products, while liquidity providers can hedge against future yield variability.
  • Innovative Financial Instruments: By facilitating the trade of future yields, Pendle introduces a new form of financial instrument to the DeFi ecosystem, expanding the possibilities for yield management and investment strategies.

Use Cases

  • Yield Speculation: Investors can speculate on the future yields of various DeFi tokens. If an investor believes the yield of a particular token will increase, they might buy yield tokens to profit from this increase.
  • Income Stream Management: Holders of yield-bearing assets who require a fixed income can sell their future yield for an upfront lump sum, providing them with immediate liquidity.
  • Hedging: Investors can hedge against the risk of decreasing yields by selling their future yield at a locked-in rate.

Pendle Finance operates through a series of smart contracts and is governed by the PENDLE token, which is used for governance decisions and has other utilities within the platform. 

PENDLE Crypto Review:  Fundamental Analysis 

As mentioned, Pendle introduces a unique approach to yield management in DeFi through its yield tokenization model. The platform allows users to separate the yield from the principal of yield-bearing tokens, thereby creating two distinct assets: Principal Tokens (PT) and Yield Tokens (YT). This enables users to manage and trade expected future yields in advance, offering a way to lock in yields or speculate on yield changes depending on market trends.

Yield Tokenization and Trading:

  • Yield Tokenization: Pendle wraps yield-bearing tokens into standardized yield tokens (SY), which are then split into PT and YT. This facilitates distinct trading strategies and risk management approaches tailored to the user's preference.
  • Pendle Automated Market Maker (AMM): Both PT and YT can be actively traded on Pendle’s proprietary AMM platform, which is designed to handle the specific nuances of yield-bearing tokens.

Strategic Yield Management: Pendle empowers users to:

  • Secure fixed yields by trading or staking in bull markets.
  • Hedge against potential yield decreases in bearish conditions.
  • Participate in liquidity provision to earn additional rewards from swap fees and protocol incentives.

Tokenomics: Pendle’s economic structure revolves around its native token, PENDLE, which is integral to governance and utility within the platform.

PENDLE Distribution (as of October 2022):

  • Team Tokens: The team tokens vested until April 2023. Post this period, any increase in the circulating supply primarily comes from incentives and ecosystem-building activities.
  • Weekly Emissions: As of October 2022, the weekly emission rate of PENDLE tokens was set at 667,705 tokens. This emission rate is subject to a weekly decrease of 1.1% until April 2026.
  • Inflation Rate: After April 2026, the tokenomics model allows for a terminal inflation rate of 2% per annum. This inflation is intended to support ongoing incentives within the ecosystem.
  • Supply Management: The controlled and decreasing emission schedule helps in managing the total supply of PENDLE tokens, preventing excessive inflation and potential devaluation.

Governance Proposals: As the Pendle ecosystem and the broader cryptocurrency industry evolve, governance mechanisms may propose changes to these tokenomics. This flexibility ensures that Pendle can adapt to best practices and maintain its relevance and effectiveness in the market.

vePENDLE Governance Model: Pendle has adopted a veToken model (vePENDLE), where users can lock their PENDLE tokens to obtain vePENDLE, increasing their voting power and influence over the protocol’s decisions. This model aligns the interests of stakeholders with the long-term health and evolution of the platform. vePENDLE is not freely tradable. It represents a locked position and cannot be transferred or traded until the lock period expires. Below is a summary table of PENDLE and vePENDLE differences for easy reference:





Native Token

Voting Escrow Token

Primary Use

Trading, Staking, Liquidity

Governance, Incentives


Freely tradable

Non-tradable (locked)


Purchased or earned

Obtained by locking PENDLE

Governance Voting


Full voting power


Earned through staking/yield

Boosted rewards for holding

Lock Period


Requires locking for a period

Fig. 1. PENDLE vs vePENDLE.

Revenue Sources:

  • YT Fees: A fee is levied on the yield accrued by all YTs, enhancing the revenue stream for token holders.
  • Swap Fees: Fees are collected from PT swaps, with the rates determined by the maturity of the pools, ensuring fairness and scalability.

Distribution and Incentives: Revenue generated from YT and swap fees is distributed to vePENDLE holders, who are essentially long-term stakers of the PENDLE token. This system encourages long-term holding and active participation in the ecosystem’s governance.

Interoperability and Cross-Chain Functionality: While vePENDLE is currently based on the Ethereum blockchain, the protocol’s design allows for cross-chain interactions, broadening the potential for liquidity and user engagement across various blockchains.

Security and Audits: Pendle prioritizes security with its codebase undergoing thorough audits by reputable firms. Though the protocol interacts with third-party contracts, it maintains a high standard of scrutiny and risk management to safeguard user assets.

PENDLE Crypto Price Analysis: Short-Term & Long Term PENDLE Crypto Prediction

PENDLE Crypto Review: Crypto PENDLE Price Prediction & Analysis-2
Pic. 2. PENDLE metrics and price action according to Coingecko. 

The above chart tracks Pendle's price movements over a one-year period, revealing a significant upward trend accompanied by some volatility. From June 2023 to late December 2023, Pendle's price remained relatively stable, hovering around the $1 mark. During this time, the price experienced minor fluctuations but no significant upward or downward movements.

In January 2024, Pendle's price began to increase steadily. By the end of the month, the price had crossed the $2 threshold, signaling growing interest and adoption. The most notable surge occurred between March and April 2024, when Pendle's price skyrocketed to approximately $7. This sharp increase reflects a significant influx of investment and positive market sentiment.

Following this peak, from May to June 2024, Pendle's price experienced some volatility, fluctuating between $5 and $7. By early June 2024, the price had stabilized around $6.14, indicating a phase of consolidation.

PENDLE Crypto Price Now & Key Metrics as of Beginning of June 2024:

  1. Current Price: $6.14 with a slight decrease of 0.3% over the past 24 hours.
  2. Market Cap: $950,008,276, indicating its substantial size within the crypto market.
  3. Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV): $1,591,724,230.
  4. 24-Hour Trading Volume: $62,763,532, reflecting active trading and liquidity.
  5. Total Value Locked (TVL): $6,388,367,079, showcasing the significant capital committed to its platform.
  6. Circulating Supply: 154,251,509 PENDLE 
  7. Total Supply: 258,446,028 PENDLE
  8. Max Supply: 258,446,028 PENDLE

Pendle Price Action Technical Analysis &  Short-Term Prediction

Now, let’s look at the following PENDLE charts, conduct technical analysis, and predict where the price might be heading next in the nearest future.

PENDLE Crypto Review: Crypto PENDLE Price Prediction & Analysis-3
Pic. 3. PENDLE 15-min chart. 

In the 15-minute chart, the Bollinger Bands show the price hovering near the lower band, which suggests potential oversold conditions. The bands are widening, indicating increased volatility in the market. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at 32.57, close to the oversold threshold of 30. This proximity to the threshold could signal a potential bounce or reversal if the RSI crosses above 30. Meanwhile, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) shows the MACD line below the signal line, with both lines in negative territory. This positioning indicates bearish momentum, but there are signs of flattening in the MACD, which might suggest that the bearish momentum is weakening.

PENDLE Crypto Review: Crypto PENDLE Price Prediction & Analysis-4
Pic. 4. PENDLE 4-h chart. 

In the 4-hour chart, the price is situated near the median line of the Bollinger Bands, indicating that it is neither overbought nor oversold on this broader time frame. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) stands at 52.60, which suggests neutral conditions without strong signals of being overbought or oversold. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) shows the MACD line above the signal line, both in positive territory, pointing to bullish momentum. However, the histogram reveals a decrease in bullish momentum, suggesting that the upward trend may be losing strength.

Analysis of both charts and price prediction:

  • Short-Term (15-Minute Chart): The indicators show bearish momentum with potential for a short-term bounce. The RSI is close to the oversold region, and the MACD’s bearish momentum appears to be weakening.
  • Medium-Term (4-Hour Chart): The indicators suggest a neutral to slightly bullish outlook. The RSI is neutral, and the MACD is bullish but showing signs of reduced momentum.

Based on the technical indicators from both charts, in the short term, we might see a minor bounce or consolidation due to the oversold RSI on the 15-minute chart. However, the overall trend appears bearish in the short term, with the price potentially testing lower Bollinger Bands or support levels.

In the medium term, the price could continue to consolidate or experience slight upward movement, given the neutral RSI and the bullish MACD on the 4-hour chart. If the MACD on the 4-hour chart continues to show decreasing bullish momentum, we might see more sideways action or a mild pullback.

PENDLE Crypto Review: Crypto PENDLE Price Prediction & Analysis-5
Pic. 5. PENDLE 1-d chart. 

The daily chart for PENDLE/USDT reveals a mixed outlook. The price sitting near the median line of the Bollinger Bands suggests no immediate overbought or oversold conditions, implying some level of equilibrium in the market. However, the widening bands indicate potential for increased volatility, which means significant price movements could be on the horizon.

The RSI at 47.93 indicates a neutral stance, showing that the market doesn’t have a strong bias towards buying or selling. This neutrality suggests that any upcoming movement could be influenced by external factors or significant market news, rather than current momentum.

The MACD being in negative territory with the line below the signal line points to ongoing bearish momentum. However, the flattening histogram indicates that this bearish momentum might be losing strength. If the MACD line starts moving upwards and crosses the signal line, it could signal a bullish reversal.

Given the current indicators, the price of PENDLE might continue to consolidate around the current levels in the short term. The neutral RSI and flattening MACD histogram suggest that while bearish momentum is present, it is weakening. If external factors or market news tilt the balance, we could see a breakout. If the MACD turns positive and crosses the signal line, it could lead to a bullish trend, pushing the price higher towards the upper Bollinger Band. Conversely, if bearish momentum regains strength, we might see a dip towards the lower Bollinger Band. Therefore, traders should watch for any shifts in the MACD and RSI for clearer signals of the next significant move.

Why Is Pendle Crypto Going Up

Pendle has experienced a remarkable surge in its Total Value Locked (TVL), increasing by an astounding 20 times since the start of 2024. This impressive growth signifies a rising interest and trust in Pendle’s platform, likely driven by its innovative approach to Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

One of the key reasons behind Pendle’s upward trajectory is its performance within the DeFi 2.0 space. Pendle has outperformed Bitcoin and other tokens, establishing itself as a leader in the yield sector. It provides robust returns and a unique platform for trading tokenized future yield, which has resonated well with investors.

Pendle’s market price has been trading close to its all-time high, reflecting a strong market confidence. This confidence is further supported by Pendle's continuous efforts to expand its market presence. The platform has been proactive in adding new liquidity pools and incubating liquidity, which has significantly contributed to its growth. As of now, Pendle’s cumulative yield trading volume has reached an impressive $18 billion.

The demand for yield and passive income has been a major driver of Pendle’s growth. The broader bull market in cryptocurrencies has also played a supportive role, enhancing Pendle’s appeal to investors seeking stable and profitable investments.

Pendle’s ability to trade near its all-time high while maintaining high trading volumes showcases its robust market position and the strong investor confidence it enjoys. This combination of innovative financial products, strategic market expansion, and favorable market conditions has been central to Pendle’s recent success and its rising value in the crypto market.

Pendle Crypto Price Prediction 2025

While the predictions vary, here are some notable estimates:

  • expects Pendle to be between $3.30 and $3.65 by January 2025 
  • forecasts Pendle to reach $5.31 to $25.02 in 2025 
  • anticipates Pendle to surpass $21.88 in 2028 
  • estimates Pendle could reach $8.57 in 2025 
  • predicts the average price of Pendle in 2025 to be between $7.14 and $10.72 
  • predicts the maximum price of Pendle in 2025 to be around $24 

Pendle Crypto Price Prediction 2030

Based on a review of various crypto price prediction sources, the predicted price range for Pendle (PENDLE) in 2030 spans approximately $13.32 to $76.99, with an average estimate around $39.31.

Here's a summary of the estimates from various sources:

Where to Buy Pendle Crypto

To buy Pendle (PENDLE) cryptocurrency, you can use the following popular cryptocurrency exchanges:

  1. Binance: One of the largest and most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges, offering a wide range of trading pairs.
  2. Another reputable exchange that lists a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Pendle.
  3. KuCoin: Known for its extensive selection of cryptocurrencies and user-friendly interface.
  4. Uniswap: A decentralized exchange (DEX) where you can trade Pendle directly from your wallet.
  5. SushiSwap: Another popular DEX that supports trading Pendle tokens.
  6. Bitsgap: A cryptocurrency trading platform that connects to 15 major centralized exchanges and provides a plethora of other tools including smart trading instruments and automated trading bots. By subscribing to Bitsgap now, you’ll receive 7 days free on the house on the PRO plan. No credit card required. 


Pendle emerges as a significant player in the DeFi space with its innovative approach to yield management. By enabling the trading of future yields and providing tools for effective risk management, Pendle not only enhances the liquidity in the crypto markets but also offers users sophisticated strategies traditionally reserved for the traditional finance markets. With a robust tokenomics structure and a focus on decentralization and user empowerment through its governance model, Pendle is positioned to grow and adapt within the ever-evolving DeFi landscape. As always, potential users and investors should conduct their own research and consider the inherent risks before engaging with the platform.


Where Do I Find PENDLE Crypto News?

To stay updated with the latest news about PENDLE crypto, there are several valuable sources you can explore. The official Pendle website often features news updates, blog posts, and important announcements, so regularly checking the news or blog section can keep you well-informed. Additionally, following Pendle on social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook is beneficial, as these platforms frequently provide updates, announcements, and interactions with the community.

For broader cryptocurrency news, websites like CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, and CryptoSlate offer articles and updates on various cryptocurrencies, including PENDLE. Similarly, CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap have news sections that cover extensive crypto-related topics.

Engaging with community forums and groups can also be highly informative. Joining Pendle’s official Telegram group, Discord server, or Reddit community provides real-time updates and allows for discussions with other investors and enthusiasts. Lastly, subscribing to newsletters from crypto news websites, Pendle’s official site, or popular crypto influencers and analysts ensures that you receive news directly in your inbox, keeping you consistently informed about the latest developments.

Is Pendle Crypto a Good Investment?

Pendle certainly appears to be a promising investment. Over the past year, it has demonstrated impressive growth, particularly with a significant price surge beginning in early 2024. The current price stands at $6.14, and with a market capitalization nearing $1 billion, Pendle shows strong market performance and investor confidence. Additionally, the platform boasts a substantial Total Value Locked (TVL) of over $6.38 billion, indicating significant capital commitment from users.

Further supporting its potential as a good investment is Pendle's active and robust market presence, evidenced by high trading volumes and a stable circulating supply. This growth trajectory not only underscores Pendle's increasing adoption but also highlights its pivotal role within the DeFi space. With these factors in mind, Pendle shows signs of being a solid investment opportunity.

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