Buy the Dip - Bitsgapians CryptoWinter Bonanza!

Buy the Dip - Bitsgapians CryptoWinter Bonanza!

Perhaps there is no other asset or commodity that is more valuable and appealing than Bitcoin. Many of us HODL this or that amount of BTC, the question is how to make more Bitcoins?

Perhaps there is no other asset or commodity that is more valuable and appealing than Bitcoin. Many of us HODL this or that amount of BTC, the question is how to make more Bitcoins?

Buy the Dip strategy of the #1 Grid trading bot by Bitsgap allows you to keep trading 24/7 during the ‘crypto winter’ and accumulate more Bitcoins to HODL on the next bull run!

In a nutshell, this is a reverse trading mode of our popular grid bot, which has everything turned upside down:

  • USDT is traded and BTC is accumulated as profit
  • BTC is sold at the beginning (which means you want to start at a higher price) and bought back at lower levels for profit in BTC
  • As long as the price moves down, the bot is moving (trailing) the entire order grid after the price, allowing it to continue trading at lower levels.
  • If the price starts rising, the bot will buy back BTC and stop trading, i.e. start hodling BTC.

Your profit is generated from the two sources:

  • Grid trading can give us quite substantial profit, considering that the market is flat
  • generally in between the bull runs, and these “flat” periods are usually long.
  • The difference between the initial sale and the final buyback price.  

You only need to start this strategy at a relatively high price and the rest will be done for you automatically.
And now all we have to do is just HODL the whole amount of BTC until it hits new heights.

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Comprehensive Buy the Dip mechanism description

Base/Quote currency structure is a “must learn” principle!

The ideology of the Bitsgap team involves the creation of automated trading bots that can earn on the market during any season. Winter is not a reason to suffer losses or go into hibernation, but the opportunity to make money on a bear market!

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Buy the Dip Strategy

Buy the Dip Bot was created specifically for this cryptocurrency season. Most of you will have a well-founded question - how can you sell and make money on the fall of BTC? After all, before you sell something, you need to buy it somehow.

Yes, this is true, but the main feature of Buy the Dip Bot by Bitsgap is the unique opportunity to “sell” BTC and capitalize on its fall without having it as an asset. The idea is based on the technology of conversion operations on the interbank foreign exchange market. In fact, the principle of quoting cryptocurrency pairs at exchange trading is no different from quoting classic fiat currencies on the interbank OTC market.

Suppose we have a BTC/USDT cryptocurrency pair. In this case, we are dealing with an ordinary mathematical fraction, the numerator of which is BTC, and the denominator is USDT. In other words, this ratio reflects how much USDT the market evaluates BTC at the moment.

For ease of communication, dealers call the first part of the fraction (in our example BTC) the base currency or just «base». The currency of the second part of the fraction (USDT in our example) is the quoting currency or a «quote» in short.

Thus, when we want to earn on the BTC growth in relation to USDT, we pay «quote» for «base». Simply put, we exchange USDT for BTC, and if the price moves up, by selling BTC at a higher price, we take profit. Note that the profit we calculate and receive is in the same «quote» currency, the USDT in our case.

This means that, when we made money on the BTC uptrend, we opened a position in USDT and profited from the growth in the price of BTC also in USDT. If you have experience in manual trading through the Bitsgap platform, or you have launched our bots such as SBot, ClassicBot, or ComboBot, then you probably deeply understand this principle.

Using the same principle, the Buy the Dip Bot allows you to create a reciprocal of the BTC/USDT fraction and invest in a BTC dip. Now our currency pair looks like this: USDT/BTC, where the «base» is USDT and the «quote» is BTC.

Therefore, you can invest your available balance via your Bitsgap platform to buy USDT. But this time, you will buy USDT against BTC. If you are lucky again and the BTC rate decreases, therefore, you can sell USDT at a higher rate, locking profits in BTC.

Thus, as long as BTC is in a downtrend, Buy the Dip Bot will earn profit exactly in BTC.

Eventually, you will get on your balance profit in BTC. Furthermore, you will buy back BTC at a much lower price or maybe around the lowest on the market, if you are lucky enough.

This is the idea of Buy the Dip Bot.  Everything is very simple, and most importantly extremely effective.

Bear riding is a fun pastime!

And now, it is better to understand clearly what amazing opportunities bear riding opens up for us!

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Bear riding is a fun pastime!

First of all, experienced traders know that the price falls several times faster than it rises.

This means that if, for example, to show solid and sustainable growth, some coin with a large capitalization took maybe a year, then it can easily fall back by 50% or more in just three months, for instance.

This means that your ROI on selling is usually significantly higher over the same time period in comparison to “long” positions. Thus, Buy the Dip Bot is simply indispensable in order not to miss such an amazing chance to gain capital quickly.

Finally, the traders who master the shorting technique are always in a more advantageous position, since they do not depend on market direction and do not hold falling assets in the hope of a rebound.

On the contrary, they close long positions at the right moment without wasting time and begin to evaluate the chances of a short game.

Thus, very often, such traders make money twice - both on the rise and on the subsequent correlational decline.

Good luck to everybody!

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