Bitsgap is Free? Where is a trick?

Well, the product is free, and there is no trick. Although we know it may sound strange, taking into consideration that lot of trading related projects charge you only for one tool. Bitsgap will give you an access to all of them for free.

We understand that trading cryptocurrency is not easy, and traders have to make difficult decisions every day with little information. We want to fill this gap, allowing you to get the most out of the market, providing you with greatest tools to easily analyze the changing market of cryptocurrency.

For over the year we have been developing the system to make trading quick, safe and reliable. We have assembled a team of professionals with a common vision to make Bitsgap your #1 choice for trading crypto for both advanced and occasional users.

It takes time to do an awesome project, so for now, we decided to open Bitsgap for Free. We are using this time to build a user base and finalize some handy tools that will give you an advantage on the market and make your daily trading easier.

At some stage in 2018-2019, we will implement paid subscriptions with a fair monthly fee.

Customer feedback is the best way to evaluate our success. If you want to support us, please invite your friends, spread the word about Bitsgap in social networks, write a review on your site or send us a message.

We are also always available for a chat in our telegram group or via email

Thank you for using Bitsgap

Bitsgap Team
Estonia, October 2018