Best way to explore trading

Your Bitsgap account will be funded with simulated demo money, allowing you to gain trading experience with zero risks.

Test your strategies and build confidence while getting familiar with the cryptocurrency market.

  • Practice trading with 5 BTC virtual funds
  • 5 most popular crypto exchanges to play with
  • Live Market experience
  • Test strategies on the go with a Mobile Web version
  • Try Arbitrage, Signals and Trading Bots


Learning cryptocurrency is exciting, but if you don’t know what you’re doing then it becomes a set full of very expensive lessons. Using acrypto demo trading accountcan be a great way to learn the ropeswithout losing your shirt.

While trading on your own with an exchange can be scary for first time users, Bitsgap makes this interaction more friendly. By registering a free account, you can use thecryptocurrency demo tradingplatform to learn how to make profitable trades in the real-time simulated environment. We think that every cryptocurrency newcomer needs a tool to understand how the market works.

Bitsgap’scrypto trading demo accountworks by replicating the existing order book from real exchanges. This provides some distinct advantages because it allows you to use the exact same interface for real trades you would use on your real account. There’s no need to re-learn things beforeusing real funds, and your trading speed won’t suffer.

Looking at retroactive charts often leads many new technical analysis learners to a disaster. At the same time practicing on a live chart gives you almost instantaneous feedback, so when you’re ready to trade for real, one click will swap you to your Live account!

The first thing you’ll want to pay attention to, of course, is that you’re actually indemo mode! There will be a big blue button at the top of your account screen that says ‘DEMO’ if you are in proper mode.By clicking the downward arrow next to it you can swap to LIVE at any time.

As a new demo account user, you’ll want to take this opportunity to see how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies really behave in a live market. Try to identify and follow patterns and place trades to practice your absolute trading strategy.

You’ll also want to take the time to learn how the platform works. Speed is important, and part of your practice is making sure to know where everything is in place when you need to perform an action quickly.

Here is a short list what you can start with:

  • -Start with few Market and Limit trades to see how the overall system works
  • -Create few Smart Orders to understand how to control your risks
  • -Try Signals to catch market uptrends
  • -Test Trading Bots to see how automation can save your time
  • -Spend some time in Portfolio to analyze your results

Don’t forget to play around with Bitsgap’stechnical analysis tools! Our drawing tools allow you to plot trend lines and use other most popular cryptocurrency indicators. These can be instrumental to your success, and Bitsgap offers you a unique opportunity to use them on live charts. While there’s a lot to be learned when you first time step into crypto trading, Bitsgap makes that barrier to entry just a little bit lower.