How does it work?

When you buy BTC or any other currency on an exchange where the price is lower, you can make a profit by selling on an exchange where the price is higher.

  • Deals are calculated based on your account balance
  • Choose between crypto and fiat arbitrage opportunities
  • Fees taken by exchanges are included within the profit

24h Opportunities


24h Biggest profit

Arbitrage is integrated with Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken and over 25 other crypto exchanges

If arbitrage is easy why so few people doing it?

While the overall idea is great, the best opportunities don't last long. You need to be able to quickly monitor the markets and capitalize on the changes – a manual approach of monitoring the markets for arbitrage takes too much time and in many ways not practical.

Bitsgap makes it easier to profit. Thanks to an automated and AI-powered system, trades can be made in just one click!

Crypto Arbitrage

Your Money Is Yours

Only you have access to your funds – securely held at the exchange and connected by API keys, Bitsgap does not have any access to your money.

API enables the platform to execute trades and build your portfolio. The API has been designed with security in mind, all information is kept entirely confidentially.

Bitsgap Security

All the tools to efficiently Trade and Manage cryptocurrency

  • Trading interface
  • Arbitrage
  • Signals
  • Trading bots
  • Portfolio
  • Desktop & Mobile Access
  • and much more...
Bitsgap all in one platform