Release Version 1.6.22 - Technicals


Introducing Technical Summary

At Bitsgap, we do anything to get you more confident while trading, so we are introducing a new instrument called Technicals (or Technicals Summary).

You can use technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or a combination of both. And you will likely use a variety of indicators to help you decide when to buy and sell. Or how to configure your DCA and GRID trading bot.

That's where the Bitsgap Technicals tool comes in. It combines and averages the values of the most popular oscillators and indicators, so you don't have to do all the math yourself.

Technicals: Under the Hood

The main concept of this amazing feature is to scan the 27 indicators and oscillators: Stochastic, Awesome Oscillator, different Moving Averages, and so on. The Technicals summarize their Buy, Sell, and Neutral ratings up, averaging them into one intuitive gauge.

CleanShot 2022-09-16 at 17.44.57.png

We made the interface of this widget as intuitive and straightforward as possible. You will easily find it in the platform’s interface (check the “Trading” tab), and there are just five scale divisions that show the following:

  • Strong Buy - The majority of indicators generate Buy signals.
  • Buy - Most indicators generate Buy signals.
  • Neutral - The number of Buy and Sell signals is approximately the same (50/50).
  • Sell - Most indicators generate Sell signals.
  • Strong Sell - The majority of indicators generate Sell signals.

Check Out Your Strategy and Learn More

With Technicals, you also get an at-a-glance overview of the indicators’ averaged values through the different timeframes, up to one day. It will help you to estimate the effectiveness of your trading strategy for the additional time periods when trading any asset from Bitcoin to Solana. This way, you can massively increase the analytical reasoning behind your choices.

If you’re curious about which indicators and oscillators are exactly used in the Technical Summary widget, find their names and more specific details in our Help Center. Or just log in to Bitsgap by clicking the button at the end of this article below, and check out this new feature in action.


DCA Bot Improvements

To improve the understanding of the DCA Bot creation process, the "Price change" label description on the 4th and 5th steps (adjusting Stop Loss and Take Profit orders) was changed to the "First order price change". Thus, we hope that it becomes much more explicit that this price is related to the initial order and not the combined price of the entry where all completed DCA orders.

CleanShot 2022-09-16 at 17.40.16.png

More informative notifications for demo exchanges

We have also updated notifications for demo exchanges. Their appearance and text to report any errors on demo trading are now shown more accurately and noticeably.

Technical updates

On the technical additions! The data transfer within the platform has been optimized, allowing us to increase the loading speed of the bot creation widget and significantly hasten up their launch.

Buy the Dip Bot rework

The BTD Bot has received the most significant change of increasing the minimum grid step to 0.5%. The reason behind this decision is that at the fewer grid steps, we noticed that some bots on particular pairs could not place orders in such a way that will allow accumulating the base currency from ongoing operations (due to the trading rules of the exchanges).

Now, the minimum grid limitation will allow us to place orders respecting the trading rules and, as a result, start to accumulate more significant profit in the base currency.


Continuing to make Bitsgap the most reliable and stable trading platform, we allocated our effort to eliminating some critical bugs this week! Here is the complete list of the top fixes:


  • Fixed the validation of the first step of creating a bot when it was impossible to continue with configuration because of the missing error message.
  • Fixed the validation of the fifth step of creating a bot in the Trailing Stop field. The system will highlight the area if the bot couldn't use the initial settings to activate this function.
  • Fixed an error where canceled DCA orders were marked as filled.


  • Fixed an issue where the bot created a grid above the specified price.

All Bots

  • The Realized P&L column now shows the result of the particular day instead of the accumulated total profit of the bot.


  • Fixed an issue where the portfolio page overloads the device's RAM and becomes unresponsive.

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