API key error statuses

Bitsgap displays the current status of your connected API keys. Each status hints at what went wrong while connecting your keys to the platform. Let's take a closer look at each one of them.



Description of the status



Your key is connected and ready to be used.


Expires in N* days

The key will become inactive after the specified number of days.

*N - number of days.

On your exchange, add our IP addresses to the API key connected to Bitsgap.


Missing all the necessary permissions for the API key due to the security policy of the exchange.

Re-activate all requested permissions, renew the key, or add our IP addresses to the API key connected to Bitsgap.

Incorrect permissions

Missing or invalid API key permissions.

Check whether all required permissions are enabled, and compare them with the instruction in our Help Center.

Withdrawal enabled

The API key can’t be used because the withdrawal permission is enabled.

Disable the withdrawal permission for the API key connected to Bitsgap.

Temporary issue

The key is temporarily invalid due to issues on the exchange's side.

No additional action is required; wait until the issue is resolved.


The key does not exist or cannot be used.

The issue can be one of the following:
1. The key is not activated;
2. KYC check required on the exchange;
3. Your exchange account is frozen or disabled;

To resolve this status, please contact the exchange's support team or create a new API key and try to connect it to Bitsgap following our instructions in the Help Center.

Inactive Futures

Your Binance API key does not allow futures trading.

Register the Binance Futures account by following this Help Center article. If you have already opened the Futures account, check if the Futures trading permission is enabled for the connected API key.

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