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TWAP order

TWAP (Time-Weighted Average Price) is an order that buys or sells coins in equal portions over a set period of time. With the TWAP order, you can average your coin’s sale or purchase price and minimize the impact of a large order on the market.

Create a TWAP order

The TWAP order is available only for spot trading and can be accessed on the Trading page. To create a TWAP order, go to the trading widget and select the TWAP order type.


Now enter the order's parameters:

  1. Select a side — Buy or Sell.
  2. Enter the total amount of the base currency to buy or sell in the Amount field, or select the percentage based on your available balance.
  3. Specify the buy or sell period — in what period of time your TWAP order should be fully completed.
  4. Enter the total number of market orders to be executed during the chosen period. You can check the base currency amount purchased or sold with each of your market orders in the Buy or Sell quantity each time field.

When ready, click the [Buy/Sell ...] button to create your TWAP order.

Untitled (1).png

In the example above, we want to buy 10 SOL in 1 hour, dividing the purchase evenly among the 10 orders. With each order, we will buy 1 SOL at the market price. Each market order will be executed every 6 minutes: the Buy period (60 minutes) divided by the Total orders number (10).

The first market order is always completed once you place your TWAP order.

View and manage your open TWAP orders

You can see your active TWAP orders on the Trading page, in the Open orders tab:

Untitled (2).png

Here, you can check the following:

  • Price - the average purchase or sale price.
  • Amount - the base currency amount per each market order.
  • Filled - the order completion percentage. With this value, you can understand how many market orders (parts of your whole TWAP order) are filled and how much is left for your trade to be completely filled.
  • Total - the estimated value of all market orders within your TWAP trade.
  • Date - the TWAP order creation date.

If there are any changes to your strategy, you can always cancel your TWAP order. To do so, click on the [Cancel] button and confirm the action:

GIF Recording 2024-07-08 at 4.41.01  (1).gif

The TWAP order can become a life-changing solution if you want to divide your trade into parts and average its buy or sell price. TWAP orders are easy to customize and efficient in minimizing the effect of your order on the chosen market.

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