Introduction to Bitsgap Trading Bots

Trading bots represent an automated trading system that simplifies the process of investing in cryptocurrency and makes crypto-trading more efficient. Using a trading bot can make it easier to perform numerous small trades, which can be tiring for a human to do manually. Our bots will help you to generate profits at any time and in any market situation. Simply choose the bot you need, configure it, and launch it!

Bitsgap has 3 kinds of bots:

1) GRID Bots (including Buy The Dip Bot);

2) DCA Bot;

3) Futures Bots (COMBO and DCA Futures Bots).

In this article, you will understand the goal, suitable market conditions, and operation logic of each of our bots.

#1 GRID Bot

Many traders spend hours studying charts to profit from market moves. It can be difficult to profit in a bullish trend, much less in a sideways-moving market. Bitsgap offers its traders to generate profits when the price is fluctuating sideways, and the trend is not obvious yet.

The GRID Bot trades according to a grid strategy. So, and places orders at equal points between the upper and lower prices to buy and sell fixed portions of assets in a sideways market. This way, the bot accumulates profits in the quote currency.

image (1).png

#2 Buy The Dip Bot

Buy the dip” is one of the most popular strategies among crypto holders and traders. With this strategy, they purchase additional coins after the price has dropped. Bitsgap’s Buy The Dip Bot automatically buys coins at a lower price and sells them at a higher price. BTD Bot operates according to the grid strategy too, but unlike the GRID Bot, it makes profits in the base currency.

image (2).png

#3 DCA Bot

Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is a strategy to divide the total amount across periodic purchases. Buy trades occur regardless of the coin's price and at regular intervals. Bitsgap's DCA Bot is an excellent solution as it reduces the impact of volatility and price change on the overall position.

image (3).png

#4 COMBO Bot

Compared to spot bots, the COMBO Bot can generate returns way faster, but it is essential to remember that futures trading carries more risk. The COMBO Bot combines the grid and DCA strategies and makes profits in USDT only. The bot can follow the trend in both directions (Short and Long).

image (4).png

#5 DCA Futures Bot

The Bitsgap's DCA Futures Bot is an exceptional tool that fully maximizes the DCA strategy potential. It operates similarly to the spot DCA Bot logic. However, designed for futures trading, the DCA Futures Bot offers an opportunity to generate impressive returns in a relatively short period of time by using leverage.

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