Bitsgap Early Access

Bitsgap has launched its new platform where you can try out new tools and features.

What is the Early Access platform?

The Bitsgap Early Access platform allows you to try out new releases that are not yet launched on the main website. Check the list of currently tested features to see the new tryouts!

How to access it?

To access the Early Access platform (, navigate the mouse cursor to your profile icon and click on it. From the drop-down menu, press the [Bitsgap Early Access] button, as shown below. This will redirect you to the platform.


To return to the stable version, navigate your mouse cursor to the profile icon again, and click [Bitsgap stable version].


The beta environment is available for all plans, i.e., Trial, Basic, Advanced, and Pro.

What can I test on the Early Access platform?

The list of our new tryouts will show up as soon as you switch from the stable version to the beta one. These features will be available only on the Early Access platform and not on the stable version of the platform.


Tools and features available on the stable version will not be available on the Early Access platform.

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