How do I upgrade my subscription?

If you want to increase the number of active bots or unlock new features, then you can upgrade your subscription to a different plan. The upgrade is processed automatically when you purchase a higher-tier plan. Here are the steps for you to upgrade your plan in a few clicks:

1. Log in to your Bitsgap account and continue to the Manage plans page.


2. Click the [Upgrade] button.


3. Select the new plan and click [Upgrade to…].


4. Select a payment method and press [Continue].


Under the "Total" tab, you can see what will happen to your previous lower-tier plan once you get a higher-tier subscription.

For example, if you have 6 months of the Advanced plan, they will turn into 3 months of the Pro plan. In addition, you will have an extra month/12 months of the subscription you are purchasing to upgrade the plan.

Now when you have a new subscription plan, you can continue using Bitsgap services with new features to handle! 🚀

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