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WhiteBIT on Bitsgap: Add Your Account and Trade Using Our Bots

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Bistgap has recently added support for the WhiteBIT exchange. Learn how to connect your WhiteBIT account to Bitsgap today.

Good news, everyone! We’ve partnered with one more exchange – WhiteBIT, so now you can trade with Bitsgap on as many as 15+ TOP crypto exchanges.

In this article, we’ll tell you a bit about the WhiteBIT exchange and the benefits you can expect from coupling your WhiteBIT account with Bitsgap. Finally, we’ll review a list of steps to connect WhiteBIT to the Bitsgap platform.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is WhiteBIT?

WhiteBIT is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that caters to more than two million users from over 190 countries. Founded in 2018, WhiteBIT has grown into an impressive enterprise with more than 350 employees working diligently to provide excellent trading experience.

What we like best about WhiteBIT is the variety of crypto assets (more than 400 trading pairs), high liquidity, multi-level security system, and low commission. What could be better?

Benefits of Connecting WhiteBIT to Bitsgap

Bitsgap is a crypto aggregator that lets you connect as many as 15 exchanges (now, including WhiteBIT) to a single, intuitive interface with access to additional features and advanced trading tools that most exchanges lack.

There are multiple advantages of connecting WhiteBIT to Bitsgap.

Super easy and safe

An encrypted API key is the only thing you need to couple WhiteBIT with Bitsgap. It’s safe and secure because it doesn’t give Bitsgap access to anything but balance view and trading. Moreover, Bitsgap has many other security features that buttress your trading and ensure the safety of your funds, including 2048-bit encryption.

State-of-the-art trading bots

Bitsgap has a range of automated trading tools for WhiteBIT that can take advantage of every favorable market opportunity even while you sleep. Whatever trading strategy you follow, you’ll find a bot that works for you — Think DCA and GRID and multiple variations of the two!

24/7 support

We’re always there for you: our support team is available 24/7 and speaks five languages. This ensures you have the support when you need it and in the language you understand.

How to Connect WhiteBIT to Bitsgap

Below is a list of steps to connect your WhiteBIT account to Bitsgap.

1. WhiteBIT

WhiteBIT Log in page

First, log into your WhiteBIT account. To generate an API key, you should enable 2FA. If you haven’t yet, go to the Security page to enable it. Then navigate to the API page in your account’s settings.

On the API page, click on the "Generate a new API key" button. When prompted, enter the 2FA code. Copy both the API key and Secret key, then click on the "Endpoint access restrictions" that will allow you to edit access permissions, which you should set as follows:

  • Trade balance and order history On
  • Wallet balance and history On
  • Order management On
  • Deposit Off
  • Withdrawal Off
  • Balance transfer Off
  • Codes Off

Click "Apply changes" when ready and confirm with a 2FA code.

2. Bitsgap

Next, go to Bitsgap, navigate to the My Exchanges page, and click "Add new exchange." Select WhiteBIT from the list of available exchanges, enter your API information, i.e., your API key and Secret key, and click "Connect.”

If the information is correct, WhiteBIT will appear on the "My exchanges" page with the "Connected" status.

We also recommend you go through detailed instructions on connecting WhiteBIT to Bitsgap in our Help Center.

Ready to start trading? Click on the button to connect to WhiteBIT right now and begin to profit using our WhiteBIT trading bots.