If your cryptocurrency payment receives an "Expired" status, do not worry. It means that the payment has arrived after the 20 minutes window when our payment gateway has assigned a fixed rate for you.

If you need to release this payment and receive a refund link, please send us the following information:

  1. Link to the expired payment:
  2. Link to the txid:

You can send it directly to support@bitsgap.com or use our online chat. Our agents will receive your request and forward it to the payment team. It will usually take up to 5 working days to release the payment from the gateway back to your account.

To prevent that from happening again, please do not send your payments directly from cryptocurrency exchange wallets. And here is why:

  1. Your exchange takes time to process your withdrawal request, which is longer than the 20 minutes window.
  2. Your exchange also takes a withdrawal fee, resulting in an underpayment.

Use any cloud wallets as an intermediate, for instance, https://www.blockchain.com/. First, you withdraw funds from your exchange account to the medium wallet and wait for them to come. And only then make a payment to Bitsgap.

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