How to check and manage your plan

On the Manage plans page, you can check all the details of your current subscription, the plan terms, and change the payment details.

Here are some sections that may be useful to you:

  1. Your current plan (Trial, Basic, Advanced, Pro, Limited, Free);
  2. The expiration date of the plan and how much time is left until the end of the plan;
  3. Subscription activity and date of the next auto-renewal.


You can also cancel the auto-renewal. The [Cancel auto-renewal of subscription] button only cancels the next payment and will not affect your active bots and orders:


To change the card information, click on the [Renew a card] button:


Make an upgrade or extend your plan by clicking the [Upgrade] or [Extend] button.
You will be redirected to the "Upgrade plan" page:



You can check and download invoices on the Settings/Billing history page.


There is also a FAQ on the "Manage plans" page where you can find a lot of helpful information.


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