Adapt to Market Changes by Modifying the Grid Levels of the Active Bot

In this article, we will show how to modify a trading range of an active GRID bot without restarting it or enabling the Trailing features. This way, you can adjust the bot settings according to your preferences and avoid interfering in its trading.

You can modify your trading range only in bots that use the quote currency in open orders.

Modifying the Trading Range

If the price went out of your trading range or you want to change the number of grid levels, you do not need to restart your bot. All the changes can be made through the “Modify” option in the settings of the active bot directly from the interface.

To adjust a bot’s trading range, follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Select your bot and click the [Bot Actions] button on the right-hand side or click on the three dots.

2. Pick the [Modify Bot] option.


3. In the "Manual Adjustment" section, go to the “Change high levels” and/or “Change low levels” fields.


By default, the system sets 0 grids. However, you can set a positive or negative value to increase or decrease the number of active orders. The changes will be reflected in the chart:

  • New orders will be displayed in a brighter color.
  • Removed orders will be displayed in a dimmed color.

4. When you are ready to proceed with the changes, click [Continue]. Check the adjusted parameters in the preview window and click [Confirm] to apply changes.


Modification of High and Low levels will change the bot’s trading range. As well as changes in the initial number of orders will modify the volume and value of the current bot funds.

Grid levels modification and trading balance

In order to add new buy orders, you would need to have quote currency in your available balance.


To add new sell orders, there should be enough base currency in the available balance to add more sell levels.


If you have insufficient funds to add new sell or buy levels, the system will show you how many grid levels you can add according to your currently available balance. If you need to increase the quote or base currency amount, use the Trading page to purchase the required coins.

Removing the Existing Bot Orders

Reducing the number of buy or sell orders will result in their cancellation, so the funds from the canceled orders in the base or quote currency will return to your available balance.

Grid Levels Modification & Bot Statistics

Altering the number of grid levels will change both the original investment amount and the current funds used by the bot. The bot's ability to execute trades and follow its strategy could also be impacted. Considering these potential changes is essential before modifying the number of grid levels.

Here are detailed examples of how modifying the number of grid levels works on the RNDR/USDT bot. It showcases the effects of these changes on the current funds utilized by the bot:

1. Increasing the number of buy orders increases the “Orders, USDT” value in the Asset allocation field, requiring additional quote currency to place the new orders.


If we add 5 new buy orders, the "Orders, USDT" field will increase by 321.6 USDT:


2. Adding more sell orders increases the "Position, RNDR" value by the additional amount of the required base currency.


We started with 382.58 RNDR in the sell orders, and now we expand our trading range by additional 5 sell orders.

The bot takes more base currency (RNDR) from the available balance and expands the grid with the new sell orders. It increases the ‘’Position, RNDR” value by 44.99 RNDR as we add more sell orders to our existing bot.


When changing active bot orders, recalculating Unrealized, Bot Profit, and Total PNL metrics may occur due to adjustments in initial investment and current trades.

In conclusion, adjusting the number of grid levels can provide an effective way to modify your trading strategy and adapt to market conditions, all while keeping your GRID bot operational. This change will impact the invested funds and current investments and affect the Unrealized, Bot Profit, and Total PNL calculations. Modifying grid levels offers a flexible approach to optimizing your trading performance.

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