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Monitor bot's performance in the detailed view window

The detailed view window allows you to track your bot's live performance regarding how much profit it has made since the start, your bot's asset allocation, and how the current price affects the funds held by the bot.

Additionally, this report provides information about the trading time, different types of charts, the number of completed transactions, your average daily profit made by the bot, and the ratio of the quote and base currency in open orders and their current value.

How to access the View window?

To open the bot information window, go to the Bot's page and select your bot.


You will find the bot's "Performance" window on the right-hand side. Here, you can evaluate how well your bot is operating and analyze its performance.

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Inside the "Performance" window

In this section, we will go through each part separately and show how to use the presented information to decide whether to keep the bot active or look for another opportunity.

See the generated profit and check the market influence on your bot

This statement shows how your bot performs and how much profit it has generated from the trading activity.


  • The Bot profit field shows accumulated profit (after deducting the trading fee) that goes directly to your available balance.
  • The Average daily profit on the chart displays the average daily results reached by your active bot. This value is calculated by dividing your total Bot profit by the trading time of your bot.
  • Position PNL is your loss or profit from the current price change of the base currency, which is held in the bot's open orders. The loss and profit have a temporary effect unless the bot is closed by selling or buying back the base currency at the market price.

You can see the bot profit results either with a line chart (shows how the bot profit gets accumulated) or a bar graph (shows the realized profit for the selected interval). To switch between the charts, click on the little graph icon in the top right corner:

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To evaluate the bot results for different time intervals, the following timeframes are available in the chart:

  • 1d - hourly chart (24 bars);
  • 1w - daily chart for a 1-week period (7 bars);
  • 1m - daily chart for a 1-month period (31 bars);
  • All - bars by months; if the bot has operated for less than a month, the chart is displayed as for one month.

Charts can help you understand whether to keep the bot running or to close it. If the line on the liner chart has become flat, your bot stopped accumulating profit; for example, it went outside the grid. On the bar chart, if the bars are thinning or disappearing, it will indicate that the trading frequency has been reduced and your bot was idle or underperforming in the current market condition.

Check your position’s status

The “Position” block includes the following information:

  • “Position PNL” - unrealized profit in absolute and percentage terms;
  • “Amount” - the amount of funds in the orders of the trading currency;
  • “Entry price” - the average cost of the current position of the traded currency the bot operates with.

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See your bot's funds’ value

"Asset allocation” shows you the amount of base and quote currencies ****in the open orders, the generated profit and the overall value of your traded funds.

  • “Profit”- the total amount of realized profit earned by the bot over the entire period since you launched the bot;
  • The "Position" tab shows the base currency amount in the bot at that moment. The "Position %" number represents your "Position PNL," i.e., your unrealized profit;
  • “Orders” is the amount of quote currency in the open orders.

You can check the traded assets ratio with the pie chart or line diagram. To switch between the diagrams, click on the little line or circle icon in the top right corner:

GIF Recording (1).gif

If the ratio of a spot bot shows less base currency (BTC) and more quote currency (USDT), it means that the price goes up, sell orders are executed, and the bot accumulates profit. On the contrary, less quote currency and more base currency means the price goes down, buy orders get executed, and the bot averages the position. If the ratio shows only base or only quote currency, then the bot is out of the trading zone, and actions are required.

Track how many transactions your bot has completed and how long it is currently running

The general info section shows how many transactions your bot has completed and displays the trading time.

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The detailed bot view and performance windows are valuable for monitoring your bot's performance. You can track real-time profit on charts, analyze market influence, and check asset allocation. These features provide insights to make crucial decisions about continuing with a bot or exploring new opportunities.

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