Backtest - bot efficiency analysis

Backtest is a tool for analyzing the effectiveness of a bot with chosen settings (which include grid parameters and an investment). Backtest allows you to evaluate the performance of the bot based on historical data of a trading pair for a selected period.

The results are for reference only, but they allow users to draw some conclusions about optimizing settings for performance, for example, the grid quantity or investment amount.

Where is the backtest feature?

The Backtest tool is available from the bot launch settings menu.

image (2).png

Using Backtest

After setting/changing the bot settings, click the [Backtest] button to start the performance evaluation.

In the window that appears, the estimated result of the bot's work with these settings for the past N days will be calculated and shown:

image (3).png

The time interval can be set for evaluation by changing the date range (data up to 30 previous days from the current date is available for evaluation).

In the calendar, first, select the start date, then the end date, and click the [Save] button:

image (4).png

The system will recalculate the performance of the bot with the same settings but for the selected period.

To analyze performance with other settings, you need to return to the bot settings menu, make changes and run Backtest again.

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