Release Version 1.7.28


We have been working tirelessly to enhance your experience with our platform and we are ready to share these amazing improvements with you!

Adjusted Validation Error Message for DCA Bot

When one of the parameters becomes invalid during the DCA bot startup process, you receive an error message which has a universal content now suitable for all possible error types. Returning to the bot configuration menu allows you to see the highlighted invalid parameter, adjust it and launch the bot.

Enhanced Strategies Widget for DCA Futures

We have improved the mechanism of switching between spot and futures strategies for DCA bot, so you can easily launch DCA futures bot just by clicking on the strategy. Besides, we made it easier to find DCA futures strategies and placed them on the main strategies menu bar instead of the dropdown list.

Improved Futures Trading Data

We understand how important it is for you to rely on the data our platform provides. That is why we have put effort into making the calculation of the amount In trades for futures trading more accurate. The In trades value now displays the amount of funds you need to cover all orders and positions opened on the exchange.

Refined Stop Bot Window for Futures Bots (COMBO and DCA)

When you decide to cancel the futures bot and keep the position open, it is important to be able to find the price of the final acceptable loss and profit. For this purpose, we have added Estimated Take Profit PNL and Estimated Stop Loss PNL to the “Stop Bot” window, which you will see when specifying the price for Take Profit and Stop Loss.


Continuing to make Bitsgap the most reliable and stable trading platform, we allocated our effort to eliminating some critical bugs this week! Here is the complete list of the top fixes:

Trading Terminal

  • Fixed an issue for Coinbase Advanced Trade where editing of Take Profit orders for the placed limit order was not possible.

Futures Demo

  • Fixed an issue where the “Add/remove margin” window showed an incorrect available balance.


  • Fixed an issue where investment in DСA orders was cut to zero when the valid number of DСA orders was exceeded when setting up the bot.

DCA Futures Bot

  • Fixed an issue when editing an active bot, modifications entered were not reset after closing the modification window and clicking on the “Modify” button again.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect parameter was saved on the “Performance” tab after a modification error occurred.
  • Fixed an issue where after manual averaging and opening the “Manual Averaging” menu once again the available balance was not recalculated, showing previous values.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to edit Take Profit and Stop Loss on an active bot after the position opened by the bot was manually closed.

All Bots

  • Fixed an issue with the “Share&Earn” menu in the mobile version where the bot type was not displayed.
  • Fixed an issue in the mobile version where the executed orders on the “Bot orders” menu were incorrectly sorted by days.
  • Fixed an issue where after clicking on the “Stop” button in the bot list, the bot was not selected, and the related chart was not displayed.
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect timezone for the chart.

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