Release Version 1.6.24


The main work this week was fixing issues and optimizing the DCA bot launch interface. Other improvements were made in the area of localization of the entire interface and font changes of some design components. The bot page interface has also been improved for different screen resolutions.


Continuing to make Bitsgap the most reliable and stable trading platform, we allocated our effort to eliminating some critical bugs this week! Here is the complete list of the top fixes:

Smart Trades

  • The text while editing the Take Profit field is now visible.


  • For PnL calculation, now we are using the Take Profit price against the Current price when placing an initial order. Before, we were using the weighted average price.
  • When choosing a price step, the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons function and change the step.
  • Fixed an issue when the system shows an error while switching between Fixed and DCA modes on the Stop-Loss step and does not allow to continue with setting up a bot.

All Bots

  • The number of available strategies in demo mode now matches the number of available strategies in the real mode.

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