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150,000 USDT Tournament on OKEx exchange

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Bitsgap team is proudly announcing that we are taking part in the OKEx special event “Elite Trading Team Contest” with a total giveaway of 150,000 USDT.

Having a strong community of traders and a successful tournament record, we are ready to seize the opportunity to take the 1st place. Let’s combine the efforts and prove to the entire cryptocurrency community that Bitsgap traders are strong when united.

Bitsgap trading bonus 🎁

Throughout the event period 10:00 May 29 - 10:00 Jun 12, 2020 (UTC) the trading limit for OKEx exchange will be suspended. That means that all OKEx accounts connected to Bitsgap will receive a PRO plan, allowing to start up to 15 bots and trade on this exchange without any trading volume limitations.

“Elite Trading Team Contest” reward distribution

🏆 Team Ranking rewards:
a. Team members have a total account balance ≥5,000 USDT in their futures, perpetual swap, options, spot, and margin contracts accounts during the contest period.
b. Team size ≥ 10 members

OKEx tournament Team Ranking Rewards

🏅 Individual Ranking rewards:
a. Have a total account balance ≥ 500 USDT in his futures, perpetual swap, options, spot, and margin contracts account during the contest period.
b. Users with more than $10,000 accumulated trading volume during the competition
c. Complete KYC2 verification

OKEx tournament Individual Ranking rewards

📃 Team Ranking reward distribution rules:
- Teams with 50 members or above: 40% will be allocated to the leaders; members will be ranked according to their individual yield - 40% to the top 20% members, and 20% to the remaining members.
- Note: Only users with more than $10,000 accumulated trading volume during the competition and complete KYC2 verification during the contest period can share Team Ranking rewards.

Follow these steps to take part:

  1. Create an account on OKEx and connect it to Bitsgap
  2. Join the Bitsgap team
  3. Read contest instructions
  4. Trade and get your share of the 150,000 prize pool!

Fasten your seatbelts as we are about to rock this tournament! Read a series of trading tips and clues and watch our webcasts on Youtube to take advantage of automated trading bots.