Release Version 2.0.5

We keep working to enhance our platform and make trading as smooth as possible for you! Check out the latest updates we have made:


Updated Tickers for Binance Futures

We have made an update to our tickers on Binance Futures. Now, the base currency and quote currency are displayed together, without the slash. This change enhances the readability and clarity of our ticker information.

Improvements in Price Display on the Trading Page

We have made improvements in the display of prices in the MarketStatistic block and the Best ask/bid line. Now, prices are shown with two decimal places, ensuring more precision and accuracy.

Standardized English Version of the Platform

For our English-speaking users, we have standardized texts on the platform: non-breaking spaces have been added, apostrophes and quotation marks have been replaced, and dashes have been substituted with hyphens in ranges with spaces. Furthermore, ellipses consisting of three dots have been replaced with a single character.

Other Enhancements to the Platform's User Interface

To maintain a consistent interface design across the platform, icon sizes and horizontal spacing have been unified. Now only the icon colour changes when you click on an icon, not the background colour.


Continuing to make Bitsgap the most reliable and stable trading platform, we allocated our effort to eliminating some critical bugs this week! Here is the complete list of the top fixes:

Trading Terminal

  • Fixed an issue with limit order placement on Binance Futures where price limit validation was not in line with Binance rules.


  • Fixed an issue where the “Quantity Input” button for adding/removing levels in the grid bot was improperly truncated when held down.

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