Terms and Conditions:

  • The "Bitsgap Xmas Raffle" promotion is scheduled to run from 2:00 PM UTC on December 20, 2023, until 2:00 PM UTC on January 9, 2024 ("promotion period").
  • To qualify as a participant in the promotion, you must be a registered user on the Bitsgap platform.
  • Qualified Bitsgap users meeting the specified criteria ("promotion conditions") during the promotion period will be eligible to receive the rewards outlined below.
  • Qualified Bitsgap users who complete registration will receive one ticket.
  • Qualified Bitsgap users can earn additional tickets to enhance their chances of winning:
    • Registration on the Bitsgap website: 1 ticket
    • Purchase of a 1-month subscription to any plan: 2 tickets
    • Purchase of a subscription for any annual plan: 3 tickets.
  • In total, a user can accumulate up to 6 tickets, which can be utilized in the lottery.
  • As part of the prize pool, Bitsgap will draw 3 iPhone 15s, 3 pairs of AirPods, and 4 Ledgers. These prizes will be awarded among users who have purchased a subscription to Bitsgap.
    For users who have not purchased a subscription on Bitsgap, 1 iPhone 15, 1 pair of AirPods, and a prize pool totaling 5000 USDT will be drawn, shared jointly with users who have purchased a Bitsgap subscription.
    The rules for awarding prize funds from Bitsgap provide participants with opportunities to win generous prizes: 100, 50, 10, or 5 USDT. These funds are automatically credited to their affiliate account in the Bitsgap platform after the results of the contest, which takes place on January 9 at 17:00 UTC on the YouTube channel.
  • Regarding fund withdrawal, winners are given an option to withdraw their funds.
  • However, to complete this process, there must be a minimum of 25 EUR or 27 USDT in their affiliate account. The withdrawal procedure takes place within 21 days in accordance with the standards of the affiliate program rules.
  • Awards will be distributed within 30 days after the conclusion of the promotion. The platform reserves the right, at its discretion, to postpone the distribution of awards for any reason, including conducting comprehensive risk control checks or resolving other issues.
  • Furthermore, participants in the promotion have the opportunity to receive multiple awards simultaneously. For example, a qualified new user can receive one item from the exclusive promotion for users who have purchased a Bitsgap subscription and a prize from the 5000 USDT cash fund.
  • Bitsgap reserves the right, at its discretion, to convert any awards into platform vouchers or USDT equivalents of equal or lesser value. This may occur when, due to platform restrictions in certain jurisdictions, participants cannot receive specific awards as part of the promotion, when Bitsgap is unable to deliver prizes to participants, or in any other cases where Bitsgap decides, at its discretion, that awards should be converted. Conversion amounts: iPhone 15: 1000 USDT, 1 AirPods: 130 USDT, and 1 Ledger: 90 USDT.
  • By default, users who visit the promotion page and participate are considered to have familiarized themselves with its terms and conditions.
  • Participation in this promotion is only allowed from the main account.
  • In case of user multi-accounting and attempts to circumvent the contest rules, Bitsgap reserves the right to exclude you from the contest and not issue a prize, according to your winning ticket.
  • This promotion is not and should not be considered a recommendation for any product or investment advice. Digital assets are subject to speculation and high volatility. They can lose liquidity at any time and are suitable only for investors with a high level of risk tolerance. Investors in digital assets can lose the entire invested amount.
  • Please note that the value of prizes may change. The value at the time of withdrawal may differ from the initial value. Bitsgap is not responsible for the decrease in the value of the reward due to market fluctuations. All applicable taxes, fees, and additional expenses related to receiving and using the prize are the responsibility of the prize recipient.
  • Any applicable taxes, as well as all fees and additional expenses, including connection, installation, and or maintenance costs associated with receiving and using the reward, are the sole responsibility of the reward recipient.
  • Regardless of any provisions to the contrary in these terms, Bitsgap reserves the right to exclude any participant who violates the terms of this promotion without notice.
  • Risk Warning: The prices of digital assets are subject to high market risks and volatility. The value of your investments may change sharply, and you may lose the entire invested amount. You are solely responsible for your investment decisions. Bitsgap is not responsible for any potential losses. Past positive results do not guarantee the same results in the future.
    We recommend investing only in products you are familiar with and only when you understand all associated risks. Assess your investment experience, financial position, investment goals, and acceptable level of risk, and consult with an independent financial advisor before investing any funds. This document does not constitute financial advice. Review the Bitsgap Terms and Conditions and Privacy Warning for more information.
  • From time to time, the value of digital assets, including stablecoins, may and will be subject to significant fluctuations. The value of rewards as part of this promotion may also fluctuate and change by the time they are issued to the participant. Such fluctuations may lead to an increase or decrease in the value of your assets.
  • Bitsgap reserves the right to interpret and modify the rules of the promotion at any time without prior notice, including canceling, extending, or terminating the promotion, changing participation conditions, as well as changing the rules of the promotion and receiving rewards. All participants are obliged to comply with these conditions.
  • Bitsgap reserves the right to make the final interpretation of the conditions of this promotion. If you have any questions, please contact our support service.
  • Bitsgap strictly adheres to compliance with the regulations and directives of local regulatory authorities. All participants must adhere to applicable laws in their countries and regions.
  • Bitsgap is not responsible for technical, graphical, typographical, or editorial errors and omissions.
  • In the event of discrepancies between the English and translated versions of the terms, the English version prevails.