Cryptocurrency portfolio manager

Tracking your cryptocurrency portfolio can sometimes be a real chore. Many tools aggregate only a certain number of assets, and that can leave out a big portion of your coins ignored. Many of the aggregated tools also don’t have real-time price data which can stop you from knowing the real price of your holdings until it’s too late.

Worse yet, even if you did know what the real price was, most of the applications do not provide immediate trading service. You’ll need to frantically swap to yet another application in order to make a trade if something happens. This slows you down, and it could cause you to miss your very small window to make a profit or save your capital.

What cryptocurrency trader can do? Well, you could be using a better portfolio tracker tool that doesn’t have any of those limitations. Bitsgap can help you to manage your portfolio better, make smarter traders, track your profit/loss and keep everything organized.

Why Bitsgap’s crypto portfolio tracker is the right choice

Using Bitsgap to manage cryptocurrencies makes your job that much easier. That’s because Bitsgap automatically imports data from 25+ exchanges. This allows you to get the full picture of all your investments. There’s no need to manual work to know where you’re sitting by adding together your exchange balances. With Bitsgap, all the information you need is there at a glance.

Bitsgap also allows you to choose your native fiat currency to track your portfolio value. This allows you to more easily understand the value behind of every deal you have made or what is current status of your open positions. It’s particularly useful if most of your favorite exchanges don’t offer your native currency or if they only support prices in satoshis. There’s no need to convert currencies or calculate anything.

With Bitsgap’s cryptocurrency portfolio manager, you can also track your profit and loss statement. Using the crypto tracking features of our platform you can see briefly which investments are performing well and which ones are not pulling their weight.

This could lead you to make some changes in how you manage things or maybe reevaluate your trading strategy. Thanks to crypto tracking on Bitsgap’s unified portfolio management tool, this is all a reality. You can check cryptocurrency gains and losses without the need to jump around.

You also have access to your full trading history for all of your exchanges. Everything happens in real-time, so you can see exactly what the Bitsgap platform is doing for you. Automated generation doesn’t mean giving up control entirely, and the tools in our crypto portfolio tracker let you keep a sharp eye on things while letting Bitsgap handle the heavy lifting.

You’ll also be able to pull detailed analytics for both coins and exchanges. Use our information hub to compare different investments with ease or identify opportunities on a specific exchange that you could take advantage of. Compare the long term price history of your assets to see how things are going.

At Bitsgap, we’re all about options. We want to give you the power to make the best trades that you can, and all of our tools, including the portfolio manager, are here to help.

We also show you all of your open orders in one place. If you’re a cryptocurrency trader who makes their gains by placing lots of small trades then you’ll immediately see how well they are performing. No matter which exchanges the trades are on, they’ll all appear in a centralized area for you.

This lets you keep an eye on all your investments so that you can react quickly if things go bad, or claim profits quickly if abnormal trading volume appears. It’s an invaluable tool that can give you a big advantage over other traders.

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Bitsgap’s portfolio tracker gives you

  • Real-time data from 25+ exchanges.
  • Tracks your portfolio in your native fiat currency.
  • Monitor your profits and losses at a glance.
  • View your full, real-time trading history.
  • Get detailed coin analytics information.
  • Shows your open orders across ALL exchanges.

You can take advantage of our cryptocurrency portfolio feature, and the many other awesome tools that Bitsgap has to offer by creating an account. Give yourself the portfolio tracking power that you deserve and make more money on your investments with Bitsgap.

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