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September Update: Week IV

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Below are some updates that have been done this week. We would like to thank all our users for giving us feedback and improving the platform.

Charts Indicators are now saved

Whenever you switch between pair or exchange, our platform will save selected indicators so you could easily do the analysis. Moreover, you will see these settings on your next login to the platform.

Extended Arbitrage filtering

Now you can filter arbitrage opportunities and select Buy Exchange, Sell Exchange, as well as use our intellectual search to define pairs you like to see.

Cryptocurrency payment indicator

To avoid underpaid and expired transactions we are kindly asking you not to send payments from your crypto exchange wallets:

Please do not send funds directly from cryptocurrency exchanges because these transactions are sent with a significant delay, besides there can be additional withdrawal fees.

As a result, transactions arrive too late when the payment window has already expired and / or not enough amount is received, so the deposit amount is underpaid and cannot be confirmed.

Other bug fixes

  • When switched back to the Trading Platform, the chart didn't show open orders;
  • When setting Stop Limit order, the platform showed an error;
  • Wrong coin name BFT changed to the correct name BnkToTheFuture (thanks to the user Gregory Gordon);
  • The chart didn't switch between ASK / BIT / RECENT TRADES;
  • If you try to set up a Bot with 100 grids now you will get an explanation message: "Please set your grids quantity between 2-100";
  • My Exchange page optimization;
  • Some chart crash when choosing the strategy from the list;
  • Switching between DEMO and LIVE sometimes caused an error;
  • Trading platform field fixes;
  • Small Bot fixes.