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September Update: Week III

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Dear Bitsgap users,
This post is meant to give you an update on what we have been working lately. There are many small bug fixes and overall improvements, but here are the most noticeable changes.  

Data export

A function that has been requested by many users who wanted to save their trading data. From now you can export all your trading history into CSV file from Portfolio: data on a certain exchange, open orders, positions.

Sharing charts? Easy!

Now sharing charts became much easier, simply click 📷 button, and you get a link to an external page with a chart. By the way, this page already contains your personal affiliate tag, so you can share it on your social media and for every user that comes thanks to you, we will be glad to pay an affiliate commission.

Bot fixes: Pairs sorting and amount of grids

Now you can sort columns when viewing your active bots. Besides we have fixed a bug with the amount of grids, which is now much more clear to understand.

Trading platform fix

An issue that sometimes appeared when you quickly clicked on the pair selection. Now everything should appear quickly and in the alphabetical order.

What's next?

Next week we will be working mainly on three things:

Charts: Indicators and Drawings
Your selected indicators should be saved and remain visible when you switch between pairs. Also they should be saved even if you log out from the system and come back later.

Bitsgap unified API
If you prefer building your own trading strategies, we will provide you with access to the ultimate amount of data on all crypto markets through Bitsgap API. This feature is long time available for hedge funds and now will become available for all our users.

Margin trading
Yes, you heard it right! Margin trading requires a new interface and component logic, so we are working on it now.

Thank you everyone for your interest and using Bitsgap.