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Platform updates & hotfixes, January 8, 2019

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For the past two weeks, we have been working mainly on loading speed optimisation and portfolio update. We are sharing a list of what has been done and what effects it brings on general usability of the service. Here you will find a list of changes and hotfixes we have already implemented.

Hotfixes & Updates - January 8


  • Fixed some small gaps in navigation and general response has been improved on the platform.
  • Loading and processing speed is increased, trading information and graphs should load faster than before and response time for placing an order is significantly reduced.


  • Login with social media now should work correctly with Two Factor Authorization. Previously some users were able to bypass 2fa with Gmail account.


  • Added Watch List - watch list has been added on Portfolio page with sort by exchange selector.
  • Added Analytics - with analytics you get the detailed overview of each coin in your holding within multiple periods.
  • Added Open Orders - track open orders in an optimised portfolio page.
  • Added Positions - all your present and past positions will be displayed on Positions page giving you the most comprehensive results overview.
  • Added Log - tab log was moved from a Trading page and integrated as a separate Portfolio's tab.

If you found a bug or experience any technical issue, please let us know at