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Platform updates & hotfixes, December 14, 2018

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This week our team has been working on optimising several issues related to security and registration process. We want to give a short update on what is done and what effects it brings on general usability of the service. Here you will find a list of changes and hotfixes we have already implemented.

Hotfixes & Updates - December 14


  • News announcement now correctly show if there are any new news are published in our blog. A blue circle appears if you have not checked a new updates from us. It's done to ensure that you always get the fresh news from us, directly on the platform.


  • If you have registered via Social media, now you will be able to receive newsletter and system notification in your email inbox.
  • Fixed an issue when after your first login to Bitsgap you receive "Access from unknown IP address" email and you were required to verify access - Now we will save the first IP you authorised to Bitsgap as a home.
  • For new users, after the sign up you will be automatically redirected to the main page.


  • New security measure added - Authorisation from an unknown device. Now we will restrict access from any unknown device to your Bitsgap account. This has been implemented to protect our users if someone obtains their Bitsgap credentials. You will receive an email where you need to verify access from a new device. We highly recommend adding Two-Factor Authorisation to your account and use password different from your inbox.

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  • Double confirmation for open order cancelation is enabled and can be activated from your profile settings
  • Small changes in UI design to support more screen resolutions - we continue working on it to maintain all possible resolutions.
  • Actively working on a mobile version

Trading page

  • Stop Loss and Take Profit fields have been swapped over for better usage
  • Price change for 24 hours now shows more accurate information
  • Cancelling shadow order from open order tab now is fixed and works properly
  • Best price from bids and asks now shows the correct value
  • Removed pairs without trading data
  • The process of arranging your order from order book is improved
  • Column name changes on balance, open orders, position, and trade history tabs

If you found a bug or experience any technical issue, please let us know at