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1 month in the game!

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We sincerely appreciate the feedback of the community and its activity and would like to say, that not a single comment or ticket passed by us unattended.

The Bitsgap team used the time to look into the journey of our users, and aside from numerous design and functionality fixes, decided to go ahead with three major updates that are getting ready next week.

Referral program

Now you can spread the love and tell your friends about Bitsgap. Our goal is to make the platform the go-to tool for all traders, so your help will be highly appreciated.

Semi-automatic arbitrage

Yes, you heard it right. We are collecting massive data so you could get best deals in crypto based on the price difference. Never heard what it is? Check out our FAQ section.

Moving to the cloud

And finally, for the most requested feature, you will soon be able to add API keys without downloading any software.

We are working hard on the system and doing all best to present more updates in the nearest future. Keep in mind, that Bitsgap is still in its BETA, and thus, absolutely free to use. If you have not registered an account, now it is a good time to change that. The spots for beta testing are limited.

Become a part of the Bitsgap community and help us to change the world of crypto trading!

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Happy Trading!